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Skirmish at Waters Creek happened on 1781-03-08.

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Q: When did Skirmish at Waters Creek happen?
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When did Skirmish at Blackwater Creek happen?

Skirmish at Blackwater Creek happened on 1861-12-19.

What was the Last skirmish of the Revolutionary War?

The last skirmish, not battle of the Revolutionary War was the skirmish of Cedar Creek fought in Manahawkin January of 1783.

When did Bashi Skirmish happen?

Bashi Skirmish happened in 1813-10.

When did Skirmish of Alness happen?

Skirmish of Alness happened in 1715-10.

When did Highbridge Skirmish happen?

Highbridge Skirmish happened on 1745-08-16.

When did The Harmony Skirmish happen?

The Harmony Skirmish happened on 1865-03-21.

When did Skirmish of Tongue happen?

Skirmish of Tongue happened on 1746-03-26.

When did Skirmish of Littlestown happen?

Skirmish of Littlestown happened on 1863-06-30.

When did Skirmish at Bender happen?

Skirmish at Bender happened on 1713-02-01.

When did Skirmish at Island Mound happen?

Skirmish at Island Mound happened on 1862-10-29.

When did Skirmish at Miskel Farm happen?

Skirmish at Miskel Farm happened on 1863-04-01.

When did Mount Kent Skirmish happen?

Mount Kent Skirmish happened on 1982-05-30.