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December 1860 - after Lincoln had been elected as the first president from the newly-formed Republican party.

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Q: When did South Carolina pass an order of secession?
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How was the nullification crisis solved?

The Nullification crisis ended by having the Congress pass a compromise bill that made tariffs, or tax made from the government on imported goods, lower. Also that Jackson threatened to kill, by hanging them, the first person he could get on the first tree, if they were to secede, or withdraw of the states.

What was Lincolns goal for the Civil War?

Originally the goal was to preserve the Union. But when it became clear that ending slavery (which Lincoln had long wished for) would help the North to win the war, and would do away with the underlying cause of the secession & war, Lincoln took what steps he legally could to do so. (These included the Emancipation Proclamation -- a war act as Commander-in-chief, depriving the South of the slaves, who helped the Confederacy by supplying labor -- and urging Congress to pass a Constitutional amendment to bring slavery to a permanent end in the nation as a whole.)

What did the south feared the antislavery states would do?

use their majority in Congress to pass a law/Constitutional amendment ending slavery

In order to help veterans of World War 2 which of these did Congress pass?

GI bill of rights

What are the reasons why the south succeeded from the union?

The south did not succeed from the union. It SECEDED from the union. Spelling counts, unless you are illiterate. He spelt it right you dumb f*@k. Don't correct peopples spelling if you cant spell yourself. Wow, you have to be the biggest jacka$$ in the world. Actually Secession is spelt...well...secession. But anyway, they seceded from the union for many reasons. Note there was a lot of tension between the North and the South. Alan~Farmer's book "THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR: CAUSES, COURSE AND CONSEQUENCES, 1803-77 fourth edition" is a really good and helpful book, trust me.

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What did President Jackson do in response to South Carolina's threat of secession?

President Andrew Jackson supported the preservation of the Union and in response to South Carolina's threat of secession, Jackson ordered armed forces to the South Carolina capital of Charleston to enforce the Tariff Act. The volatile situation was remedied only when Henry Clay negotiated a compromise tariff acceptable to both the federal government and South Carolina. Calhoun ultimately resigned the vice presidency in protest.

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Why did South Carolina pass the Nullification Act?


What laws did Virginia and North Carolina pass in response to the slave rebellion?

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Was the civil war over the slavery or over the secession?

The Civil War followed naturally from the secession - which was caused by the increasing difficulty of creating new slave-states, so that the South was getting outvoted in Congress, which then tended to pass laws that favoured the North.

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