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When John Brown was growing up, his father was a strong abolitionist when John grew up and became a responsible adult he followed his fathers foot steps in becoming an abolitionist.

While becoming an abolitionist,

John had made his contribute by making it violent and harming people who were very against freeing slaves. So after he killed many people he was finally hung.

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Q: When did john brown become an abolitionist?
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How does John Brown become an abolitionist?

ever since he was a child, Brown's father had taught him that slavery was bad, ever since then he's been a strong abolitionist

The abolitionist who tried to lead a revolt at harpers ferry in 1859?

=John Brown (abolitionist)=

What did abolitionist consider john brown to be?


Who was a violent abolitionist?

John Brown

What is John Brown's phone number?

John Brown was an abolitionist who died in 1959.

Who was a fervent abolitionist who attacked proslavery families in kansas?

john brown

What was john browns raid on Harper ferry?

John Brown was an abolitionist that wanted to supply weapons to slaves.On December 2, 1859, he was hanged.John Brown, an abolitionist

What side was john brown on in the war?

The union- He was an abolitionist.

Did john brown escape slavery?

No. He was a white Abolitionist.

What are two special things about john brown?

he was an abolitionist

How did John brown treat his slaves?

John Brown was a fierce abolitionist and therefore, never owned slaves.

Was john brown born in kansas?

Abolitionist John Brown was born in Torrington, Connecticut on May 9, 1800.