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Yes, along with many, many other theories.

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Q: When the Hindenburg exploded was there a theory of sabotage?
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What was the Hindenburg?

the Hindenburg is an airship that exploded inMay 6, 1937

What was the name of the German airship that exploded over Lakehurst New Jersey in 1937?


The Hindenburg was a balloon that exploded filled with what gas?


May 6th 1937 the Hindenburg exploded in Lakehurst New Jersey What was the Hindenburg?

Hindenburg is the name of a very big airship destroyed in 1937 in an accident.

Where did the oxygen come from when the Hindenburg exploded?

from the air around the airship.

In what state did the Hindenburg explode?

New Jersey on May 6 1937 and there are multiple reasons WHY the Hindenburg exploded.:)

Where did the Hindenburg exploded?

Manchester, New Jersey Manchester, New Jersey

Which hydrogen balloon exploded in 1937?

The hydrogen balloon that exploded in 1937 was the Hindenburg airship. The Hindenburg disaster occurred on May 6, 1937, while trying to land in New Jersey, resulting in a catastrophic fire that led to the deaths of 36 people.

Did the Hindenburg crash?

The Hindenburg was not a plane; it was an airship, a type of balloon. It was filled with highly combustible Hydrogen instead of inert Helium; so when a static electric charge set of a spark as it was landing in Lakehurst, New Jersey, it exploded and went up in flames in a matter of minutes.

Was the Hindenburg was a that exploded over Lakehurst New Jersey on May 6 1937.?

Yes, it was the Hindenburg. Only one person died in the accident.

The Hindenburg was a that exploded over Lakehurst New Jersey on May 6 1937.?


What was the name of the most popular blimp that exploded?

The Hindenburg