When to capitalize army?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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When referring to a specific army, such as the Army of Virginia, or the Army of South Vietnam.

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When referring to the rank itself, such as Captain, Major, Private or Admiral, it is a proper noun, and should be capitalized.

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Q: When to capitalize army?
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When do you capitalize the R in the army reserves?

Always... Army Reserve is a proper noun.

Do you capitalize veteran in USMC veteran?

No, you do not capitalize "veteran" in "USMC veteran." In general, the word "veteran" is not capitalized unless it is part of a proper noun or at the beginning of a sentence.

Do you capitalize sergeant?

You capitalize all rank that is part of a title, for instance:Private QunicySergeant JonesCaptain WallyIt is not necessary to capitalize rank that is not part of a title, for instance."John wanted to become a sergeant in the US Army."

Do you capitalize brigade in a sentence when referring to a specific unit of the Army?

Yes it should be capitalized in this case.

Is the word army capitalized?

Capitalize "army" when you are referring to a specific army, e.g. the British Army, the US Army.

Do you always capitalize the word Army?

No, the word "army" is not always capitalized. It should only be capitalized when it is used as part of a proper noun or when it begins a sentence.

Should you capitalize continental army?

Yes, "Continental Army" should be capitalized as it is a proper noun referring to the unified military force established by the Second Continental Congress during the American Revolutionary War.

Do you capitalize mother?

no, but you do capitalize mum

Who was the Victorious General at Gettysburg but failed to completely capitalize?

Gordon Meade. He was told that he should have pursued and destroyed the Army of Northern Virginia.

Do you capitalize the a in America?

You capitalize the first A but not the last a.

Do you capitalize drama?

No, you do not capitalize the word drama.

What are 7 capitalization rules?

Capitalize the first word in a sentence. Capitalize proper nouns, such as the names of people and places. Capitalize the pronoun "I." Capitalize the first word of a quote. Capitalize days of the week, months, and holidays. Capitalize the titles of books, movies, and songs. Capitalize the first, last, and important words in titles.