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April 12, 1861, if you're talking about "Fort Sumter" in South Carolina.

If you really mean Fort Sumner, the one in Easter New Mexico, the only real attack to occur there was when Billy "the Kid" Bonney was ambushed by Pat Garrett, on July 14, 1881. and yeah! This is weird!

Although several states seceded from the Union between November 6, 1860 when Lincoln was elected and March 12, 1861, when Lincoln took office, the cannons didn't start firing until April 12, when southern forces responded to the refusal of US troops to cease their illegal occupation of Fort Sumner in the sovereign state of South Carolina.

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Q: When was the Attack on Fort Sumner?
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In what year did the confederate attack fort sumner?


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The beating of Charles Sumner by Preston books resulted in what?

The surrender of Fort Sumner.

Who attacked fort sumner?

The Attack on Fort Sumter in April 1861 Began the American Civil War. Confederate Brigadier Gen. Beauregard demanded the surrender of the Union garrison of Ft. Sumter in Charleston, SC.

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yes he did

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What confederate army's attack signaled the start of the civil war?

Confederate artillery firing on the Union garrison on the island of Fort Sumter in Charleston harbour.

Did john brown attack fort sumner?

No, he attacked Harper's Ferry Virginia in 1859 in a futile attempt to start a slave revolt. His attack failed but he was seen as a martyr for the abolition of slavery in the North and as a terrorist in the south. The reaction to his attack is regarded as one of the events that lead the country to war in 1861 where southern forces fired on Fort Sumter.