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Each unit has an armory. Each installation has an ammo dump. And there are several Army arsenals located strategically around the US, such as Redstone in Alabama.

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In a safe.

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Q: Where are military weapons kept?
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Did any of the Fort Hood victims carry weapons?

The answer is no. Based on a military base standard of conduct, only members of the military police carry weapons on a base when on duty. A bases' weapons are kept and registered to individual soldiers. Should it be necessary to have a weapon for practice or some type of military maneuver, the weapons are checked out of the places where they are kept.

What is the name of the place where weapons are kept?

A place to store arms and military equipment is known as an arsenal

How many weapons are made in the military?

the military has 78.8billion weapons made in a year

Do military soldiers have swords vehicles and other weapons?

Yes. Military soldiers do have swords, military vehicles like military cars, trucks and planes and yes they do have lots of military weapons.

Where do Israel buy military weapons?

they manufacture their own weapons

What weapons from the last century have revolutionized the military?

Atomic Weapons.

Who transports weapons to the military?

The military uses specialized logistics companies to transport weapons and equipment. These companies are often contracted through the government or military branches to safely and securely transport weapons to military bases or operations around the world.

Who is Israel's largest financial backer and supplier of military weapons?

The United States is the largest supplier of military weapons to Israel.

Can a civil and military aircraft be kept in space?

yes we can keep a civil and military aircraft be kept in space

Describe Sparta's military?

spartas military was large and they had alot of weapons

Can women carry weapons in the military?

In the military of the United States, yes they can.

Who makes military weapons?

Short answer: The military. Longer short answer: Weapons are sometimes designed in-house AFAIK, but in the USA weapons are also contracted out to civilian corporations for design work, I think.