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All brands of cigarettes were available in Vietnam although, for some reason, menthol brands were sometimes in short supply. In the early part of the war C rations left over from WW2 were distributed to the troops. Included with the C rations was a package that would contain a variety of items, including cigarettes. I remember smoking Lucky Strikes that were manufactured before I was born. The familiar red circle was wartime green - I believe because the red dye was needed for other wartime uses.

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Q: Which cigarette brands were used by GI's in the Vietnam war?
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What is a sentence for GIS?

It is Geographic Information Systems

Were Vietnam soldiers able to come home and visit during the war?

GIs in Vietnam were authorized 30 day leaves if they extended for another tour, and were authorized to return (visit) to CONUS (Continental US). Married men could go to Hawaii for R & R. All other R & R servicemen were restricted to either Japan, Australia or SEA (South East Asia).

GIS stands for what in geography?

Geographic Information System

What were the battles of the Vietnam war like?

US Army training for men (women went into the Women's Army Corps, which was disbanded in 1975) during the Vietnam War consisted of APPROXIMATELY eight weeks of basic training (boot camp) in which the soldier was taught "basic training": How to shine his boots, fix his bed, perform proper hygiene, shoot and maintain his M-14 rifle (after 1970, it was the M-16 rifle), throw hand grenades, utilize his C-Rations, perform first aid, operate a map and compass (Land Navigation). How to salute, the rules of war (Uniform Code of Military Justice), how to stand at attention, how to march, in ranks inspection, marching in parade, graduation. Then onto his AIT (Advanced Individual Training) usually another 8 weeks for infantry. Each MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) was a different length of time. Medic schoot at Fort Sam Houston might be a 6 month AIT course. After his AIT is completed. Then two weeks of RVN (Republic of Vietnam) training took place. Shooting his (live rounds) rifle from the hip WITHOUT bringing it to the shoulder and aiming, running and jumping into and out of the back of an army truck (2 1/2 ton) and firing blanks from his rifle. After arrival "in country" (South Vietnam) another two weeks of RVN orientation, largely consisting of the same type of training taken above.

What was a muleskinner in World War 1?

Muleskinners were GIs who took care of the mules.

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Currency in Vietnam during the war?

The South Viets used Piasters. GIs used MPC (Military Payment Certificates).

What is in naplam?

Known to GIs in Vietnam as jellied gasoline.

What music movies and other forms of entertainment were popular with the GIs stationed in Vietnam and was there a difference between GIs in Vietnam and people on the home front?

hahahahah tell me this is for mrs. Dampf

How did America get out of the Vietnam war?

Amongst GIs, we declared victory and left.

Is there surfing in Vietnam?

During the war, GIs surfed (waves were not that big).

Why did people call the Vietnam Vets baby killers?

Television news showed GIs using their cigarette lighters, the Zippo, burning down people's homes in small towns (villages). Then in '68 came the My Lai massacre...

What is the label used for a soldier who died fighting Vietnam?

NVA (North Vietnamese Army) and VC (Viet Cong) were known as "Reds" or "Commies" to GIs.

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How does Nancy charbeneau used gis

What president during the Vietnam era was considered a hawk?

Tricky Dick, as known to the American people; B52 Nixon as known to the GIs in Vietnam.

Why were Vietnamese called gooks?

One GI in Vietnam stated that it was a corrupt pronunciation of the Korean word for "foreigner", and GIs had been called that term during the Korean GIs adopted the usage.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are used in almost every discipline. GIS can be used to produce maps, perform data analysis, and create computer models. It is widely used in the sciences, engineering, and business fields.

Did the US win or lose the Vietnam War at home?

Best answer: didn't win "Many" returning GIs had two wars to fight; one in Vietnam against the NVA/VC, the other in the United States against his fellow countrymen. Bullets were used against the NVA/VC in Vietnam; fighting words and fists were sometimes used against our fellow countrymen in the US.