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Q: Which letter represents Vietnam on the map?
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Which letter represents the Pyrenees Mountains on the map?

The Pyrenees Mountains are represented by the letter E on the map.

What does the letter i stand for on a map?

The letter "i" on a map typically represents an information or visitor center where tourists can get guidance, directions, and additional details about the area.

Which country does the letter E represent on the map?

The letter E commonly represents Ecuador on maps.

What is reprented by the letter C on the map?

The letter "C" on a map typically represents cities or towns. It is used to denote the location of urban areas for navigation and reference.

Referring to the map above which letter represents the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863?


Using the map above, which letter represents Fort Sumter where the first shots of the Civil War were fired?


What was the pink area on the Vietnam map during the war?

north vietnam

What does the n on a map normally represent?

The letter "n" on a map typically represents north. It indicates the direction of the north pole in relation to the map, helping users determine other directions more easily.

What map tell you the number of inches on the map for every mile that the map represents?

The map's scale

A picture in a map key that represents an object?

A picture in a map key that represents an object is a symbol. Maps use keys to explain the meaning of each symbol on the map.

What represents the natural and manmade features of the earth on a map?

Both natural and manmade features of the Earth are represented on a map using symbols, colors, and labels. Natural features such as rivers, mountains, and forests are typically represented by specific symbols or colors, while manmade features like roads, buildings, and cities are usually depicted with different symbols or labels. This allows map users to easily distinguish between the different types of features on the map.

What is a drawing that represents something on a map?

A map symbol is a drawing such as a little airplane or train that represents respectively an airport or a train station.