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I've been in the Army for over 11 years. Military benefits are the same no matter which branch you join. To become an MP (Military Police), make sure MEPS offers you that job and it is listed in your contract. Every branch has MP's. Your mission is to find the branch you want to be a part of. Army & Marines are more physical than Air Force and Navy, take into account potential duty stations, promotion abilities, etc.. My decision was made based on wanting to do more of what the military is known for and I wanted a more physical branch

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Q: Which military branch has the best benefits for someone who wants to be a Military Police right out of high school?
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What kind of benefits does do you get as a military police?

Nothing the rest of the military doesn't get. What the benefits were have probably changed since I enlisted in 98, and your local recruiter would be the best person to talk to on this matter.

What are the requirements and benefits of becoming a military police officer for the air force?

you have to be able to breathe.

What is Military Police Corps Israel 's motto?

The motto of Military Police Corps - Israel - is 'Military Police - People First'.

When was Royal Military Police created?

Royal Military Police was created in 1946.

What is Military police combined with other military police from other services called?

armed forces Police

Do you have to go through the police academy if you are in the military?

No. A military police officer goes through military basic training, then the militray equivalent of a police academy, but does not need to attend a civilian police academy.

When was Military Police Complaints Commission created?

Military Police Complaints Commission was created in 1998.

When was Canadian Forces Military Police created?

Canadian Forces Military Police was created in 1967.

What is Canadian Forces Military Police's motto?

Canadian Forces Military Police's motto is 'Securitas'.

When was Military Police Battalion Cobra created?

Military Police Battalion Cobra was created in 1978.

What is Royal Australian Corps of Military Police's motto?

The motto of Royal Military Police is 'Exemplo Ducemus'.

Do you honor police on Veterans Day?

Absolutely not unless they served in the military. No, simply because a police officer may on occasion encounter a violent situation, it does not make them a military veteran. When the going gets tough the police can quit where as the military person must go on and do their best under the worst of conditions. The military is not represented by a union. Military spend time away from their loved ones. Military sacrafice a normal life. I realize many police consider themselves para-military but they are simply.....police. Not members of the military. If police with no military service want to be called vets or want to join vetrans organizations or be honored a veterans........join the military.