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You have to list them, for us to choose.

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Q: Which of these authors was not an abolitionists?
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What has the author Lori J Kenschaft written?

Lori J. Kenschaft has written: 'Lydia Maria Child' -- subject(s): Abolitionists, American Authors, Biography, Juvenile literature, Women, Women abolitionists, Women social reformers

What has the author Douglas T Miller written?

Douglas T. Miller has written: 'The fifties' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Social life and customs 'Frederick Douglass and the fight for freedo' -- subject(s): Biography, Abolitionists, Antislavery movements, African American abolitionists, African Americans 'Then was the future' -- subject(s): History, Juvenile literature 'Henry David Thoreau' -- subject(s): American Authors, Authors, American, Biography, Intellectuals, Naturalists 'On our own'

Were some abolitionists racists?

no the couldn't be or else they wouldn't be abolitionists no the couldn't be or else they wouldn't be abolitionists

What has the author Melba Joyce Boyd written?

Melba Joyce Boyd has written: '1965' 'Discarded legacy' -- subject(s): African American authors, African American women abolitionists, African American women in literature, African Americans in literature, American Authors, Biography, Feminism and literature, Feminists, History

People who actively worked to end slavery were called?


How do you spell abolitionists?


Did all the abolitionists help with the underground railrod why or why not?

Most of the abolitionists supported the Underground Railroad because most of the abolitionists wanted to end slavery.

Was sojourner truth a abolitionists?

yes she was an American abolitionists and womans right activists.

Were abolitionists union or confederacy?

Union - though most Unionists were never Abolitionists

What is the opposite of abolitionists?

The opposite of abolitionists would be slaveholders, or those who were pro-slavery.

What is a name for people who worked to make slavery illegal?

There names were abolitionists.

What is the name for individuals who advocated the ending of slavery and the slave trade?