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Q: Which of these terms best describes the 1876 presidential election?
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The 1876 Presidential election was?

The Supreme Court decide the presidential election.

Was 1870 a presidential election year?

No. Presidential election years are divisible by four. 1872 and 1876 saw presidential elections but not 1870.

What was the purpose of the compromise. Of 1877?

To settle the 1876 presidential election

Did Ulysses S. Grant win the presidential election in 1876?

Rutherford Hayes won the 1876 presidential election defeating Samuel Tilden. Ulysses S. Grant won the 1868 presidential election defeating Horatio Seymour. Ulysses S. Grant won the 1872 presidential election defeating Horace Greeley.

Winner of the 1876 disputed presidential election?

Rutherford b Hayes

Which president won a presidential election by one vote?

Hayes in 1876.

Who was the winner of the presidential election of 1876 apex?

Republican Party candidate Rutherford Hayes won the 1876 presidential election defeating Democratic Party candidate Samuel Tilden.

What happened in the Election of 1866?

the 1866 elections were mostly about who should control the reconstruction Rutherford b. Hayes won the popular vote and removed federal troops from the south this deal singled the end of the reconstruction This answer describes the Presidential election of 1876. The 1866 election was the Congressional mid-term election of the Andrew Johnson administration.

His election marked the end of Reconstruction?

The president's election that marked the end of Reconstruction was Rutherford Hayes. It was during the Presidential Election of 1876.

What was the significance of presidential election of 1876?

It ended Reconstruction because it led to the Compromise of 1877.

Who decided the presidential election of 1876?

The election followed the Constitution and went to the House of Representatives to be decided. However a deal was made that the Republicans would end reconstruction in the South and remove the last Federal troops if Hayes was elected.

The major problem in the 1876 presidential election centered on?

the two sets of election returns submitted by florida, south carolina ,and lousiana