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It was based on ascribed status.

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Q: Which statement is true about the social category in which many freed slaves found themselves in the years following the Civil War?
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Which of the following is a correct statement regarding slavery in latin america?

slaves were used because indian populations were destroyed

In the 1600s the American colonies passed many laws that affected the rights and activities of specific groups of people. Which of the following was one of these laws?

Children of slave women were slaves themselves, even if their fathers were free

How the slaves were punish?

they punished themselves

Who did slaves rely on?

Themselves and other slaves, and by and large their masters for daily needs.

Statement describes the attitude of the Radical Republicans following the Civil War?

They thought that Lincoln's reconstruction plan was to lenient. They wanted him to provide a law protecting the former slaves. They thought that the slave owners would try and kill them. They wanted to provide slaves with protection

Did serfs have slaves?

Serfs were barely above slaves themselves. I doubt any serfs ever owned slaves.

Where Slaves in the south worked in all of the following EXCEPT?

Where Slaves in the south worked in all of the following EXCEPT gold mines.

What contribution did the slaves make upon themselves?

They fought to make themselves free?

What was the official statement that freed slaves from the south?

The Emancipation Proclamation.

Why can Manet's Olympia be viewed as a statement about human slaves?

she was black

What statement is true about Barbados settlers in Carolina?

They brought their slaves and ideas for plantations.

How did the egyptians entretain themselves?

with music and by killing slaves