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The Battle of Petersburg was a battle that had a succesful siege accure during the battle

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The answer is more of a battle.It was called the Wilderness Campaign.Although the Union was unsuccessful, General Grant was winning the Civil War.

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Q: Which successful siege left Richmond open to capture by union forces?
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Why did grant put the city of petersburgh under siege?

In order that he could capture the city of Richmond VA

Grant's successful strategy for taking Vicksburg involved?

He employed a strategy known as a "siege" to capture the city of Vicksburg.

What is the surrounding of a fortified place by enemy forces trying to capture it called?

The surrounding of a city by enemy forces to cut off supplies in an attempt to capture it is called a siege.

How did general Lee prevent union forces from taking Richmond?

By defending Petersburg throughout a nine-month siege.

To surround with enemy forces and cut off supplies in an attempt to capture a city is called?

To surround with enemy forces and cut off supplies in an attempt to capture a city is called a siege.

What was the main reason that Petersburg became a Union target in the US Civil War?

Petersburg became a target for Union forces because it was an important railway and highway center 25 miles south of Richmond. This city provided supplies and communications for Richmond. To capture it took a siege of 10 months. Why, with all the resources the Union had, could such a long siege not end months sooner, is a question most historians have no answer for.

What was the purpose of the Union siege of Petersburg?

In order to capture the Confederate capital city of Richmond, Grant wanted to cut the railway supply line that ran from Petersburg Virginia, north to Richmond. So far repeated Union attempts to take Richmond had failed. At least three or more Union tries at this goal were repulsed. Both Richmond & Petersburg we well fortified. Since attacking Petersburg seemed impossible with Confederate General Lee commanding the defence of both cities, Grant decided to lay siege to Petersburg in order to hope for a surrender. Almost 10 months passed before the siege succeeded. Because of the length of the siege, Lee had no choice but to withdraw from both Richmond & Petersburg. Grant cut the supply lines to Richmond. With Lee gone Grant;s forces were finally able to take Richmond. Lincoln, who had waited years to have this done, paid a visit to the captured city.

Where there other names for the battle of petersburg?

Answer Siege of Petersburg Siege of Richmond

Where did Petersburg Siege take place?

The siege of Petersburg a city in Virginia was the main factor in the fall of Richmond. Petersburg lay south of the Confederate capital of Richmond. By laying siege to this city it began to cut off the railway supplies to Richmond.

What were the results of general Harrison's victory at the battle of the Thames?

The Battle of Fort Harrison was a fiercely won victory fro the Union, as it attempted to lay siege to Richmond. Little was gained by the capture of the fort. Union Brigadier General George Stanford led his forces to victory in this battle in September of 1864.

When did the Siege of Petersburg end?

It actually ended April 2nd. Not 3rd. The Siege of Petersburg ended in the early morning hours of April 3, 1865 with the capture of Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia. Union forces had finally broken through the Confederate entrenchments southwest of Petersburg on April 2, 1865, but fierce Confederate resistance at Fort Gregg prevented the fall of the city until the early morning of April 3.

A blockade to capture a castle?

The proper term is a siege. A blockade is a siege on a port or harbour.