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In order that he could capture the city of Richmond VA

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Q: Why did grant put the city of petersburgh under siege?
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When was City Under Siege - film - created?

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How was the city of Vicksburg captured?

after a lengthy siege

Grant's successful strategy for taking Vicksburg involved?

He employed a strategy known as a "siege" to capture the city of Vicksburg.

What happened at Vicksburg in 1863?

Grant took the city after a six week siege.

To gain control of Mississippi US Grant laid siege on what city?

Vicksburg =]

What city was placed under siege by British Soldiers?

Kansas city.

What city were the British under siege in?

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What happened at Vicksburg Mississippi?

Grant forced the city's surrender following a six-week siege.

What caused Union General US Grant to place the city of Petersburg under siege?

Petersburg was a valuable southern link to the Confederate capital of Richmond. In early June of 1864, troops under the command of Lieutenant General US Grant, made large assaults at what he considered to be the weakest links in the Confederate fortifications . On June 16th and 17th, these assaults were turned back by the Confederates. At that point General Lee sent troops to reinforce Petersburg and he himself took charge of the city's defense. After continued assaults, General Grant believed he could not break through the fortifications and decided to place the city under siege, much like he did at Vicksburg. Resigned to the fact that a battle victory was useless, Grant ordered his forces to entrench themselves around the city's fortifications. The siege would last 10 months.

How would you use siege in a sentence?

The city of Vicksburg was under siege for several weeks in 1863.