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"Separate but equal" segregation. Nullifying the Fifteenth Amendment. Instituting sharecropping systems.

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Q: Which was not a way the Southern states disenfranchised blacks?
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The southern states seceded to protect slavery or states rights?

Officially for the States Right but actually for States Right and to protect their way of life, which included also the slavery.

Military Reconstruction Act?

The U.S. Congress, under the control of the Radical Republicans, passed the Military Reconstruction Act of 1867 on March 7, in spite of President Johnson's veto. This act sought to rebuild the governments of the southern states using the governments of the northern states as examples. It was also implemented to ensure that the civil rights of the free blacks in the South by requiring the states in the South to include the rights of free blacks in their constitutions. The Military Reconstruction Act divided the South into five military districts. Virginia became the first district, North Carolina and South Carolina the second district, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida the third district, Mississippi and Arkansas the fourth district, and Louisiana and Texas the fifth district. These territories were placed under the military control of the United States. The first military commanders had virtually unlimited power. The Military Reconstruction Act also required the southern states to elect new government officials. This is because following the Civil War, the representatives from the South that arrived in the capital to represent their states were the leaders of the Confederacy during the Civil War! The people that had been fighting the Union merely months before had shown up in Washington, D.C. to take their seats in the government. This created many problems because there was too much tension in the government between the southern representatives and the northern representatives. The final term of the Military Reconstruction Act was that the new southern state governments needed to pass the 14th Amendment (which defined citizenship and gave every citizen the right to due process). The Military Reconstruction Act is important to history for many reasons. This act was a way that the Radical Republicans in Congress could punish the southern states that had previously made up the Confederacy. It was also a way that they could ensure rights for the free blacks in the South. The southern Democrats at the end of the Civil War knew that once slavery was abolished, they would need a new way to control wealth and labor in the South so that they could, once again, be the most powerful and influential people in the South. To do this, they had passed "Black Codes", which limited the rights of the free blacks. These codes were different in each state, and they were strongly opposed by the Radical Republicans. The Military Reconstruction Act was a way that the Radical Republicans could ensure the free blacks certain rights, and also punish the southern states for their behavior before and during the Civil War.

Who fought for the Union during the Civil War?

The Civil War was fought because a group of states in the southern US wanted to split away and form a new nation that would be run the way they wanted. The 11 Southern states the broke away (or seceded) were known as the Confederate States. The Union were the remaining states within the United States that fought to keep the southern states as part of the country.

How did the White South's intransigence in president Johnson's political bungling open the way for the congressional republican program of military reconstruction?

After the war the Southern States enacted black codes as a way to restore the pre-emancipation system of the South. President Johnson also granted pardons to former Confederate soldiers, who then began to gain political power once returning home. Reconstruction was enacted to prevent the Southern States from gaining more political power and to ensure that slavery did not reoccur. Congress also passed more stringent requirements for states seeking readmission.

What did Southern Blacks typically do during Reconstruction?

They looked for food, clothes , somewhere to live, and a way to make money. Basically, they seeked out ways to ajust to new life. This is why the freemans bureau came in. Some African Americans also became involved in politics and a part of the gorvernment in some way. ( Your Welcome!)

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Who expressed the belief that racism would end blacks acquired practical works skills and proved their economic value to society?

Booker t washington

What obstacles stood in the way of economic and political equality for southern blacks?

You should find the answer in the packet given or figure it out. DO NOT TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT!

What divided the southern states from the northern states?

Mostly ideology and way of life.

Why did southern states pass black codes?

the black codes were a way for the southern states to still have "slavery" but without getting in trouble from the union

What course of action did Southern states take in order to preserve their way of life?

The states seceded from the union.

What action did seven southern states take in order to protect their way of life?

The States seceded from the Union

Why did the southern states saw abolitionism as a threat to their way of life?

The southern states saw abolitionism as a threat to their way of life because their economy heavily relied on slave labor in industries such as agriculture. Abolitionism challenged the institution of slavery, which was deeply woven into the social, political, and economic fabric of the southern states. This threat to their labor system and the fear of losing control over their property led the southern states to view abolitionism as a direct challenge to their way of life.

What was Lincoln's view on African Americans?

Lincoln was opposed to slavery and he wanted free blacks to form colonies elsewhere instead of staying in the United States.

Southern states in 1860 feared the power of a Republican president to apex?

attack the southern way of life and further limit slavery

What was the most common way to earn a living in the confederacy states in the 1850's?

agriculture in the southern states. There were no confederate states in the 1850's.

At the end of the reconstruction southern whites disenfranchised African Americans with?

laws such as poll taxes, literacy tests, and grandfather clauses, which effectively prevented African Americans from voting. This disenfranchisement was a way for southern whites to maintain their power and control over political and social institutions in the post-reconstruction era.

The southern states seceded to protect slavery or states rights?

Officially for the States Right but actually for States Right and to protect their way of life, which included also the slavery.