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Pierre beauregard

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Q: Who Was the Confederate general who called on the Union to surrender Fort Sumter?
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Was the Confederate general who called on the Union to surrender Fort Sumter?

(Pierre Beauregard)

Who was the confederate general who called on the union to surrender to fort Sumter?

Pierre beauregard

Was the Confederate general who called on the Union to surrender Fort Sumter.?

(Pierre Beauregard)

Was the confederate general who called on the union to surrender fort summer?

P.G.T. Beauregard

General Lee surrendered to General Grant?

the confederate soldiers were permitted to keep there swords and horces

How many volunteers did Lincoln call for after fort Sumter?

After the surrender of Fort Sumter, President Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers. He requested that each of them serve for three months.

What caused US President Andrew Johnson to reject the surrender agreement between Union General William T Sherman and Confederate General Joseph Johnston?

On April 18, 1865, Union General Sherman had forced the Confederate General Joseph Johnston to agree to an "agreement" which called for an armistice between the two armies. This so-called agreement was a surrender document that contained language concerning reconstruction policies. This was beyond the scope of a victorious field general, and President Andrew Johnson rejected it. Six days later he approved virtually the same agreement.

Why is fort Sumter's flag called stars and bars?

Fort Sumter is located in Charleston harbor in South Carolina. in 1861 South Carolina joined the Confederate States of America,and in so doing her star was now one of seven that was now repersented by the flag of their new nation,officaly known as the First National Confederate flag, its true nick name is the Stars and Bars. This flag is not ''the'' Fort Sumter flag. the use of the ''Stars and Bars'' at Fort Sumter simply shows that Ft. Sumter at that time after april 12 1861 was now under the joint control of the state of South Carolina and the Confederate government then sitting at Montgomery, Alabama.

What events caused the battle at Fort Sumter?

The beginning of the American Civil War.

What member of President Davis' cabinet was against using force on Fort Sumter?

Confederate Secretary of State Robert Toombs pleaded wit President Davis to allow supply ships to replenish the food supplies for Fort Sumter. He warned Davis that an attack on the supply ships or on Fort Sumter would alienate any friends the South had in the North. He called any Confederate violence to be an act of suicide.

Who won the Battle of Fort Sumter?

The newly-formed Confederate States of America's first general officer, Brigadier General P.G.T. Beauregard, led the forces (estimated to be 500) who relentlessly bombarded the significantly outgunned union forces (85 men) under U.S. Major Robert Anderson, beginning the siege at 4:30 a.m on April 12, 1861, and ending 34 hours later. President Abraham Lincoln immediately called for 75,000 volunteers to step up and suppress the rebellion, which prompted four southern slave states to join the Confederacy. The Confederates won The Confederates under the command of General PT Beauregard bombarded the fort for about 14 hours then Major Anderson surrendered the fort. The only casualty was a Union horse!!! Fort Sumter was an act of Southern rebellion that in a short period of time would become the US Civil War. As the fort was surrounded by Southern cannon fire, it was forced to surrender. This was a wise move as it prevented loss of life.

Who wasthe confedrate general who called open fir on fort Sumter in 1861?

Uyselius S. Grant