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Q: Who called the Cold War 'hot peace'?
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What were the US uniforms like during the Cold War?

There was no "Cold War" uniform. The Cold War was an uneasy peacetime situation, not a uniformed shooting war - that is called a "hot" war.

What was the global competition between the soviet union and the us called?

it was a hot war was but it was called the ( COLD WAR) probably cause all the dead bodies.

Why was the struggle between the communists and the west called the cold war?

Best phrase politicians could come up with at the time to separate it from "hot" wars. Cold War=No War Hot War=Shooting War

Is Vietnam war also known as the cold war?

No. The cold war was a separate event but was continuous with no stopping until the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. The Viet War was simply "part" of the cold war...the shooting part of the cold war. The cold war itself was NO WAR AT ALL. That's why they called it "Cold" the guns didn't get hot! When guns are fired they get HOT! In Vietnam the guns got hot.

What kept the cold war from becoming hot?

The cold war was never cold nor hot.

Which event is an example of the Cold War becoming hot?

Which event is an example of the Cold War becoming hot?

How do you tell if a war is cold or hot?

Cold war no bullets fly, hot war everything flies.

What war is called the cold war?

It wasn't a war. It was called a war due to the lack of an easier term to say. The cold war meant "no shooting, no killing"...if it was a real shooting war, it would've been a hot war (guns get hot when fired and fire is hot). The cold war was an arm's race; one upmanship on the other. It was brought on by the atomic bomb in 1945 and lasted until the Soviet Union became Russia again in 1990.

Korean War was considered to be a cold war event because?

The Korean war was the first hot war in the cold war.

Is hot war the dangerous war?

The term "hot war" was only used in conjuction with the term "cold war." Cold war meaning no war; hot war meaning a war.

What lengthy American war in southeast Asia is a time when the cold war became hot?

The cold war didn't go hot; if it did, it would've been called World War III. Therefore, there were two hot "battles" of the cold war; Korea and Vietnam. But Korea is not located in SEA (South East Asia); Korea is up the coast bordering Russia/China. Some people sometimes call them "hot wars" of the cold war. Korea & Vietnam were the "shooting portions" of the cold war.

What was the place where the Cold War was hot and U.S. soldiers fought and died?

There was NO place in the Cold War that had action. That is why it was called " cold" . If any action had taken place it would have resulted in total war.