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The Whites were the conservatives, the royalists, and the original democratic elements. It was a very lose coalition. The Reds were the Bolsheviks, meaning majority, even though they started out in the minority, who became the Communist Party.

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They were against the government and the Bolsheviks. So the were supporting the revolution.

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Q: Who did the whites support during the Russian civil war?
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Who were the Reds who were the Whites?

As what it sounds to me, the Reds were the Bolshevik faction (Communists) in the Russian Civil War, and the Whites were the people that opposed them (Royalists, Republicans, the Church, etc.)

Reds vs Whites?

It was the Russian Civil War which lasted from 1917 to 1922. Supporters of Bolsheviks were Reds and supporters of the Tsar were Whites. At the end Whites lost and Soviet Union was created.

How did the whites fight back during the Civil Rights Movement?

Whites fought back during the Civil Rights Movement by using voilence and by becoming more voilent toward blacks

Why were whites only considered citizen during the civil war?

Whites were called citizens because they were withe

How did the whites affected the civil war?

whites men have family if they die theri family was depend on them. during the civil war women were not equal as men

Did the Freedman's bureau help poor whites during the civil war?

no they were created after the civil war and they did help them

How many Russians that are men who died in the Russian civil war?

it's about 125.000 Russians was killed during the Russian civil war

What group of people did the us side with during the russion civil war?

The Whites

During the Russian Civil War opponents to the Communists became known as the?

The Communist's opponents were known as White Russians or Whites and their military was referred to as the White Army. This was to distinguish them from the Red that the Communists had chosen as their symbolic color.

Did Alaska join the US Civil War?

No during the Civil War Alaska was a Russian Colony.

Did the french and English support the confederacy during the civil war?

The French and the English did not support the Confederacy during the Civil War. Instead, the countries decided to support the Union.

What two groups fought in the Russian Civil War?

The Bolshevik Party (or the Russian Communist Party) against suspected anticommunists know as Whites.