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The Vietnam war was fought between the Communist forces (North Vietnam, Viet Cong, Khmer Rouge, Pathet Lao, People's Republic of China, Soviet Union, and North Korea) and the Anti-Communist forces (South Vietnam, U.S., South Korea, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Thailand, Khmer Republic, Kingdom of Laos, and the Republic of China).

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In 1954, the Vietminh forces of Vietnam defeated the French at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, and the nation was temporarily divided into two sections, north and south. The people of the south chose Ngo Dinh Diem as their ruler and Ho Chi Minh ruled the north. Diem refused to go along with the planned elections in 1956 to unite the nation so the Vietminh members in the south created the Viet Cong and the war between north and south for control of the country began. The government of South Vietnam requested military advisors from the United States to help train the South Vietnamese army. Ho Chi Minh was a communist and during the Cold War of the 1950s and 60s, the aim of the US government was containment of communist power and not to let it spread. The Eisenhower administration provided South Vietnam with money and advisors to help stop the threat of a North Vietnamese takeover. The United States also was pledged by treaty (SEATO) to aid the member nations in southeast Asia, if they were attacked by a foreign (communist) power. Following the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations, President Lyndon B. Johnson also believed in containment and the domino theory. If one nation falls to communism, the next nation will fall, and the next, etc. It became the aim of the Johnson administration to prevent a communist takeover in Southeast Asia. In August, 1964, President Johnson reported to the nation that American ships had been attacked by North Vietnam gunboats in the Gulf of Tonkin, in international waters. The Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution giving the President the power to use whatever force necessary to protect our interests in the area. At the time, the truth was not reported. > In February, 1965, the Viet Cong attacked an American military base near Pleiku. Using the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, President Johnson sent in 3,500 Marines, the first official troops, to South Vietnam. By the end of the year, there were 200,000 US troops in Vietnam.

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The Americans were ultimately fighting against Communism. But they were also fighting against the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong.

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Q: Who fought against whom in the Vietnam War?
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they fought against the axis powers in WWII and they fought against America in the Vietnam War

When you fought in Vietnam war which war was it?

The 2nd war against communism (Korea was the first).

How are the Korean war and the Vietnam war alike?

Both fought against communist aggression.

Who was over d Vietnam War?

The war was fought against COMMUNISM; North Vietnam was communist & trying to take over SOUTH Vietnam which was NOT communist.

Define a Vietnam War Officer?

A military officer that fought in the Vietnam War. A Vietnam War soldier would be a "soldier that fought in the Vietnam War.

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Both wars were fought against communism.

Who fought with America against north Vietnam in the Vietnam war?

Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, and South Vietnam.

Who Vietnam fought?

Japan fought Vietnam during that war

What state fought in the Vietnam war?

The State That Fought At The Vietnam War Was The united States

Where Vietnam war was fought?


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The "Air War" was fought over North Vietnam. The "Ground War" was fought in South Vietnam.

Large numbers of American soldiers fought against communist forces during what Asian war?

Vietnam War