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If you're asking about other countries... nobody.

The Union regarded the matter as a purely internal affair and did not seek outside assistance. All they really wanted was for other countries not to intervene on behalf of the Confederacy, and for the most part they got that, so in a sense it might be possible to say that Britain and France (the most likely allies of the Confederacy) "helped" the north by not helping the south.

The Confederacy had hoped to forge an alliance with Britain and France. While those countries were somewhat sympathetic and British ships, at least, made some efforts to circumvent the Union's blockade of southern ports, ultimately both countries realized that it was unlikely that the Confederacy would survive, and the political costs of having supported it would be high.

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Yes, President Lincoln helped the North.

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Q: Who helped the north in the Civil War?
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After the civil war who helped with the reconstruction?

the north

How did banking help the north in the civil war?

The banking system helped the North to pay for the arms it bought to use in the war.

An invention that helped the North win the Civil War was?

McKay's shoe manufacturing machine

What is uylsse' s s grant honors?

He had helped the north win the civil war

What factors after the civil war helped the economy surge?

the crops the north and south had planted.

What advantage did the north have that helped it to raise money for the civil war?

The North was more industrial and had many more people, thus giving them an easier time in raising money for the civil war...

What factor most helped the North win the Civil War?

Industrial power - the capability to manufacture war-supplies.

Who did the Gettysburg address help the north win the civil war?

The Gettysburg Address helped the Union

How sectionalism helped to lead to the Civil War.?

Because the south wanted slaves and the North did not want slaves.

What industries helped the north win the civil war?

guns, food, and shipment supplies basically all the supplies that were needed in a war.

What invention helped the North win the Civil War?

It is possible that at least two inventions not related to way helped the North win the Civil War. The first was the railroad and the other was the McCormick reaper.

How did the different geography of the north and south contribute to the outbreak of the civil war and the north's success during the war?

The north doesn't grow cotton, but, it has a lot of industry. The south's use of cotton, (and their need of slaves), and their limited industry helped lead to the civil war and the south's defeat.