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If your referring to WWII it's Adolf Hitler.

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The present leader of Germany (May 2015) is President Joachim Gauck. He has been president since 2012. The length of term is five years. Joachim Gauck was born in January of 1940.

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Angela Merkel

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Q: Who is the present German chancellor?
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The current German Chancellor is Angela Merkel.

Who currently is German's chancellor?

The current German Chancellor is Angela Merkel.

Who is the current German prime minster?

The head of government in Germany is called the Chancellor, or "Bundeskanzler" in German for a male Chancellor and "Bundeskanzlerin" for a female Chancellor. These titles are often shortened to "Kanzler" and "Kanzlerin" respectively. The present incumbent is Angela Merkel, elected in 2005 and re-elected in 2009. She was the first female Chancellor in Germany.

How long can a German chancellor stay in office?

They German Chancellor is the head of the German government. The Chancellor is elected by Parliament through a majority vote, once The President has made a proposal. The Chancellor is allowed a four-year term of office.

What German Chancellor was just reelected?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was re-elected in 2009.

What is the name of the official residence of German chancellor?

Bellevue Palace is the official name of the residence of the German chancellor. The German chancellor is equivalent to the Prime Minister or head of government in other foreign countries.

What is the role of the German chancellor?

The German chancellor is a lot like the US President, he/she deals with political and foreign affairs, the economy, and security/defense. Germany has both a Chancellor and a President. The German president's role is things that happen in German. The Chancellor deals with everything that happens outside of Germany that affects Germany.

Who is Angela merckel?

She is the German chancellor.

Who is the German Priminister?

Germany does not have a Prime Minister. It has a Chancellor, Angela Merkel. However, the role of Chancellor in Germany is similar to that of a Prime Minister in other countries.

Who helped Hitler become German chancellor?

master cheif

What is the name of the current German chancellor?

Angela Merkel. She is the first female chancellor of germany.

Who is the head of the German government?

The head of the German government is the Chancellor, currently Angela Merkel (CDU)