Who made the muzzleloader?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Answer Muzzleloader refers to any firearm that uses black powder as a propellant and is loaded from the muzzle end by ramming the powder and bullet down the barrel. The first use of firearms date back to the Chinese, I believe, many years before the American Civil War. The rifles used during the Civil War were built by several companies, such as Springfield Arms in MA. The US government issued contracts for a specific design that was given a model number that was usually the year the weapon was designed. For example, the Model 1861, 1863 & 1864 were made by several different manufacturers that included:

Eagle Manufacturing

Norwich Arms

C.B. Hoad

Alfred Jenks & Son

Providence Tool Co.

Amoskeag Manufacturing Co

J.D. Mowry

Eli Whitney

Savage Arms Co.

E. Remington & Son

Edward Robinson

Colt's Patent Fire Arms Co Arms were imported from Europe for both the Union and Confederates. The most popular was the Enfield, but there were also ones produced by Austria, Belgium, Prussia.

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Q: Who made the muzzleloader?
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