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The South fired the first shot in the American Civil War.

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The South fired the first shots on Fort Sumter.

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Q: Who shot first in the American Civil War The North or the South?
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Who fired the first shot for the north in the civil war?

The South

Of what advantage was the rasilroad to the north during the civil war?

Moving men and supplies at unprecedented speed. And the South did not have a rail network to match it. The American Civil War was called the first railroad war.

What was the battle of bullrun?

The first big battle in the Civil war against the North and South and the South won.

At the start of the civil war what was the first state to secede from the union?

South Carolina seceded prior to the start of the American Civil War, but it was the first state to do so.

Where were the first shots of the American Civil War?

Fort Sumter, South Carolina

Was South Carolina a new England middle or southern colony?

South Carolina was an English colony is the American south. It saw the scene of the southern campaign during the American Revolutionary War and was later the first state to secede from the union prior to the American Civil War.

Who did America fight against in the Civil War?

In the US Civil War, Confederate soldiers from the South fought against Union soldiers from the North. Both sides had to resort to conscription to keep their armies at full strength. The South passed draft laws first then the North had to do the same.

Was the north the true aggressor in the American Civil War?

Yes. The first seven engagements were acts of northern aggression. The South wanted nothing more than to be left alone.

Who fired first in the battle of fort Sumter?

The south and that stated the American Civil War?

How did the state of South Carolina influence the American Civil War?

it was the first state to secede.

What are early hardships for South Carolina?

South Carolina's early hardships included Indian hostilities. The Native American Indians of this region were more hostile to the first settlers than others to the north. There was also strife later on when North and South both wanted to have outposts there during the Civil War.

He first battle of the American Civil War occurred where?

The first battle of the American Civil War was the siege of Fort Sumter, which is the harbour of Charleston, South Carolina.