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In the US Civil War, Confederate soldiers from the South fought against Union soldiers from the North. Both sides had to resort to conscription to keep their armies at full strength. The South passed draft laws first then the North had to do the same.

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Interestingly America fought against American. Technically however the United States of America (Union, North) fought against the Confederate States of American (Confederates, South).

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Q: Who did America fight against in the Civil War?
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What two part people fight in the civil war?

The Confederate States of America against the northern states.

Why did Americans fight against each other at Gettysburg?

America was split in the Civil War: Southern states for slavery, Northern states against it. Once the South seceded from the Union, the North had no choice but to fight and win the war against slavery.

Did all of America fight in the American Civil War?


Does the north and the south fight against each other in the civil war?

In the American civil war, yes.

What war did America fight that they did't declare?

US Civil War & Vietnam War.

Did the Haitian people help America fight the civil war?


Is Robert E Lee Pre-Civil War or Civil War?

Civil War. He was a general for the Confederate Army. Although he was against slavery and agreed with the unions ideas, he couldn't bear to not fight for his home, VA, let alone fight against it.

Who did Jefferson fight in the Civil war?

Obviously, as Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederacy in the Civil War, he fought against the Union.

Can the US of America make a civil war against north Korea?

A Korean Civil War would pit Koreans against Koreans.

What is it called when groups within one country fight against each other?

It is called civil war.

Who was against each other in the civil war?

Which Civil War? In the American Civil War, the Confederate States of America ("the Confederates") in the South fought against the United States Federal Government ("the Union").

What are Rebels in civil war?

Those who choose to fight against the established government.