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One of the best known survivors is Elie Wiesel, the author of Night (and several other books) and the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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Q: Who survived the Holocaust and end up famous?
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Why do surviving Jews hate it when people say the Holocaust never happened?

Well think about it if you and your people were subjected to the same diabolical conditions how would you feel if you survived and people would come up to you calling you a liar saying you didn't experience all those things? I highly doubt that you would be happy about that now would you? So take this into consideration the next time you tell a Jewish person that the Holocaust never happened.

What were the Jewish councils in the Holocaust?

The Jewish councils during the Holocaust they were responsible for administering the ghettos set up by the Nazis. Their role was highly problematical, to say the least.

Did the Holocaust start to cover up World War 1?

I wonder whether you mean something like 'Did World War 2 [not 1] hide the Holocaust?,

Why is the Holocaust recalled with such horror?

The Holocaust was so shocking because Hitler and his Nazis shouldn't have done that to Jews. Jew's are the same as other religions and beliefs. It was also so shocking because of how many Jews they killed on a daily basis, it's like they lived for killing them. The final reason it was so shocking is because of how many people now-a-days think that the Holocaust was made up, which brought the topic of it up and it was more and more shocking everytime, there is living, breathing, and historic places to show you that the Holocaust actually happened. That's why the Holocaust was so shocking.

Who were the six million innocent people that Hitler killed during World War 2?

New Answer: The Six Million Innocent people that were killed by the Nazi Regime during World War Two (Because technically Hitler did not kill them personally although he and his fellow Nazi's ordered it as a way to get rid of the Jews) Anne Frank did not survive the Holocaust as she died weeks before Bergen-Belsen was liberated by the Allies. Look up Schindlers list if you happen to be interested in Jews that survived The Holocaust Old answer:Obviously, I can't name all of the people that were killed in WWII. The six million people Hitler and his men killed were Jews. Anne Frank is one that survived, and you should look into that.

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Holocaust victim who survived?

there are quite a few people who survived if you want answers look it up.

How can a person survived with no food?

They end up eating their stored fat.

How did the Holocaust affect the formation of the State of Israel?

After the war, those that had survived the Holocaust were often afraid to return to their homes. They were afraid of anti-Jewish feelings. In some cases, Jews were attacked and killed or injured. They had survived life in one camp to end up living in another camp- one for DPs (Displaced persons). When the nation of Israel was formed, many looked at Israel as a place that the Jews could call home, and they moved there in large numbers.

What happened to those who stood up against the Nazis in the Holocaust?

Those that resisted from within the 'Third Reich' were killed, if they could be found. Very few that resisted survived.

What did the allies set up in the year of the Holocaust?

There was no single 'year of the Holocaust' ...

Was anyone famous on the titanic?

actually, a couple of famous peeple wer on it. but, there all ded now, idt anyone famous survived. luk them up, i 4got their names. they are on Jackson was NOT ON the titanic, ok. lts get that straight

Will Phillipia Pottinger end up famous?

yes!, she is very talented

What did Hitler do for the holocust?

Adolph Hitler dreamed up the holocaust. Hitler planned the holocaust. Hitler supervised the holocaust.

How did people of the holocaust that died or locked up become victims of the holocaust?


What economic aspects led up to the Holocaust?

The motivation for the holocaust was ideological, not economic.

How many died all together in the holocaust?

There were close to 12 million deaths at the end of the Holocaust. 6 million were Jews, 5 million were Poles, and the 1 million was made up of Gypsies, Slavs, dissabled, and homosexuals.

Who tried to start the Holocaust?

Hitler and other Nazis decided to start up the Holocaust.