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Well think about it if you and your people were subjected to the same diabolical conditions how would you feel if you survived and people would come up to you calling you a liar saying you didn't experience all those things? I highly doubt that you would be happy about that now would you? So take this into consideration the next time you tell a Jewish person that the Holocaust never happened.

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Q: Why do surviving Jews hate it when people say the Holocaust never happened?
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What if there was no Holocaust?

If the Holocaust had never happened, the world would be a different place. The world may have been better, with less discrimination.

What do Jewish people think after the Holocaust?

Many Jewish people were too traumatized even to mention the Holocaust and what they had gone through, but when some of them heard people say that the holocaust never happened they overcame theri traumas and told their stories, or of the stories of their families.

The holocaust who risked their lives to escape?

Nobody it never happened

What historical event does Iran's president say never happened?

The Holocaust

Did Mahmoud Ahmadinejad say the Holocaust never happened?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seems to have problems deciding that ... He says different things at different times about whether he thinks the Holocaust happened.

Why is saying that the Holocaust never happened is slander?

it is NOT slander, just sheer stupidity, these individuals are called "holocaust deniers" and are just to be ignored.

Is the Holocaust through?

Not in the memories of the people who lived through it, or the hearts of those whose loved ones were there. Those who want to pretend it never happened are helping nobody.

Who said that the Holocaust never happened?

No, that's definitely not true.

Is it illegal in America to say the holocaust never happened?

Of course it's not illegal in the US. There are 15 or 16 countries in Europe where it is illegal to deny the Holocaust in public.

What if Adolf Hitler had been killed during World War 1?

The Holocaust would have never happened.

What was the hollocust?

The holocaust was the mass murderig of mainly jews but also people like disabled people or homosexual people, they wre put into consentration camps and starved,beaten and made to work, many people died, some went into the rich peoples houses as slaves and could be beaten when ever. The holocaust was lead by Hitler in the 2nd world war there are still survivors of the holocaust today, eg. I know the first soldier who went into Auschwitz as the holocaust ended to help get people out. The holocaust was horrible. You can find out more by just googleing the holocaust hope this helped :)

What were repercussions?

the repercussions were that every thing was destroyed and many Germans said Jews were lier and the holocaust never happened