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Napoleon was long dead by the beginning of the cold war.

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US verses USSR.

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Q: Who was against who in the cold war?
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What is meant by the cold war and when was the cold war?

A war against communism, 1948-1994

Why do they do war?

The war in Vietnam was part of the Cold War; a war against communism.

When and what was the cold war?

1948-1994, The "War" against communism.

Who was against the US in the cold war?


How was the war in Vietnam related to the cold war?

Both were against communist aggression. The cold war was no shooting; Vietnam was shooting.

Whats the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam War was a "hot" battle of the COLD WAR. The "cold war" was a non-shooting war waged against communism.

Is the cold war the same as world war 11?

First, there have only been two world wars. And no, the Cold War is the war against communist U.S.S.R.

When and why did the Vietnam war started?

1955, part of the cold war against communist expansion.

What were the major isms of the cold war?

The main "isms" of the Cold War were Socialism and Communism, both of which came up against Capitalism.

Who were you fighting in the cold war?

The US was fighting the USSR, or the Soviet Union, in the cold war. Mostly, though, it was democracy against communism.

Was the Vietnam war and the cold war against each other?

Yes; same adversaries: 1. Vietnam War-Bullets and death 2. Cold War-Words and threats

How did a local struggle in Vietnam become a major cold war conflict?

The Vietnam conflict was a type of proxy war, in that our Cold War foe, Russia, heavily subsidized Communist North Vietnam in their fight with U.S. forces.