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Q: Who was called the Father of the Spoils System?
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Who is the father of the spoils system?

Andrew Jackson

What is it called when the group that wins an election appointed its own unqualified people to the best jobs?

Spoils system

What is is called when the group that wins an election appoints its own unqualified people to the best jobs?

Spoils system

What was the practicing of replacing government workers with friends and supporters called?

The spoils system....

What did Jackson's practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs become known as?

It is commonly called the "spoils system" based on the adage that "to the victors go the spoils" (rewards from winning). It can also be called "political patronage" where jobs and public contracts are given to political supporters, and especially to contributors.

The describes the way elected politicians handed out jobs to people who had voted for them.?

spoils system

What is the practice of appointing supporters to political jobs known as?

The spoils system.

When did the spoils system begin?

the spoils system began in 1828

What was Jacksons practice of rewardin g his political backers called?

spoils system

What system rewarded political supporters with jobs?

It is called "The Spoils System." The phrase was coined after President Andrew Jackson began replacing ggovernment officials with people of his choice basing it on the military theory that "To the victor belong the spoils." "Spoils" refers to the spoils of war, i.e. everything that had belonged to the losers of a war that the winner wanted.

What did Andrew Jackson call his system?

Andrew Jackson called his system of political beliefs and practices "Jacksonian Democracy."

Why did reformers want to end the spoils system?

Reformers wanted to end the spoils system because people were receiving high salaries but doing no work in many cases.