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The US Government and Japanese-Americans.Martin Luther king ws involved to

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Q: Who was involved in the Japanese Interment?
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When was Japanese interment camp started?


Did the Japanese in internment camps keep peace?

The Japanese were peaceful in the interment camps but they suffered tremendously.

Which US president apologize to the Japanese that were in the interment camps?

george Jefferson

How did the Japanese interment end?

The US Congress terminated it on Jan 02, 1945.

Why were the japanese sent to the interment camps?

America thought the japanease people in America were spies

Why did the public opinion on interment camps change?

Americans of Japanese ancestry was no longer questioned.

Did Japanese Americans fight in the world war 2?

No most were locked in interment camps.

Why were interment camps used here in the us during ww2?

After Pearl Harbor the Japanese Americans were rounded up and put into interment camps. They lost businesses, farms, and homes.

What act lead to interment camps for japanese?

The attack on Pearl Harbor, and declaration of war by Congress.

What was true about Japanese interment?

People were forced to leave their homes and businesses and made to live in concentration camps.

Why were Japanese Americans banished to interment camps?

its because they were stupid and no one love then let alone liked them and they werent trusted on which side they were on. so thats why they were sent to interment camps. peace poopy sniffers.

What were the health conditions in the Japanese interment camps?

people who live in the interment camps had to face really hard times.because most of the camps were in the dessert , in the summer the temperature was about 100 degreasee and they didnt have enoughj of water or supplies to live.