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Adolf Hitler

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Q: Who was sometimes called bohemian corporal?
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What bohemian corporal means?

"The Bohemian Corporal" is a nickname for Adolf Hitler. Hitler was a corporal in the First World War. He was also a "Bohemian", meaning a writer or artist, who lives rather unconventionally, and is intellectual by nature. Hitler was an artist in his youth.

Was Hitler called the little corporal?

No,Napolean Bonaparte was the Little Corporal due to his height.Adolph Hitler was the Bohemian Corporal,dubbed by Von Hindeburgh because of his lifestyle

What is a Bohemian food?

Bohemian food originates from Bohemia. Bohemia was its own nation before becoming part of the Czech republic. I am bohemian, my father is 100% bohemian. When we were kids, we used to go to a bohemian restaurant on the south side of Chicago. I remember eating sauerkraut, dumplings, beef stew, and something called blood soup.

What is the difference between bohemian and gypsy?

1. Bohemian - inhabitant of Bohemia, relating to Bohemia. 2. bohemian (not the small b) - leading an unconventional lifestyle, especially of artists and poets, often at odds with conventional morality (absinthe, opium, sex, etc). 3. In American English only(?) - bohemian is sometimes used of gypsies. gypsy - Romany

What is an E-4 called in the Marines?


Was spanking in school called capital or corporal punishment?

It is called corporal punishment. Capital punishment is execution. That would be a little harsh for bad students

When was Bohemian Like You created?

The Bohemian Encampment was created in 1896.

What is the song called with the lyrics you see a little silhouette of a man?

Bohemian Rhapsody

What is a corporal punishment stick called?

switch; cane

A soldier who wears 2 stripes is called?

it is a a corporal

Is bohemian rhapsody a theatre play?

There is a thetre play based around Queen's greatest hits but it is called We will Rock you. Within this bohemian rhapsody is used as the closing song after the bows.

Who was the french leader who was called the little corporal?

Napoleon was called "Petit Caporal" or "Little Corporal." by his troops after he defeated four Austrian armies that he was supposed to just "hold off".