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There was no Confederate General in the Anaconda Plan. The name was given derisively to the long-term strategy recommended by the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S.Army, Winfield Scott. The idea was to blockade the ports and liberate the Mississippi, to stop the South importing the goods it needed. Since most people thought the war would be over in weeks, the plan was rejected. But later, the North adopted a programme basically similar. An interesting case of a top General applying valuable insight, but too old to fight his corner.

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The elderly General Winfield Scott.

At the time, there was no 'credit' attached to this scheme. It was derided everywhere, because nobody expected it to be a long war.

But in the end, the North had to adopt a plan very similar.

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Winfield Scott

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Q: Who was the confederate general in the anaconda plan?
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General Winfield Scott anaconda plan attempted to weaken the confederate states?

Mississippi River

Why did General Scott put in place the Anaconda Plan?

He created it as a blueprint to be used for the defeat of the Confederate States in the US Civil War.

. Why was Vicksburg the key to the Union's Anaconda Plan?

Vicksburg was a confederate stronghold on the Missippi River.

Union strategy to gain control of Confederate ports and the Mississippi River?

Anaconda Plan

Why was Vicksburg the key to the union's anaconda plan?

Vicksburg was a confederate stronghold on the Missippi River.

Who made the anaconda plan?

General Winfield Scott.

What were the goals in the general winfield Scott anaconda plan?

What is

When was the anaconda plan created?

The Anaconda Plan was created in 1861 when the Civil War started. The plan was put into action by Lieutenant General Winfield Scott.

Which of the following was a war strategy used by the Union?

the strategy that the union used was called the anaconda plan the anaconda plan was that the union would surround the confederate on all sides

Who had the anaconda strategy?

The Union or the US side had the Anaconda Plan. It was devised by the aged General In Chief, Winfield Scott. It was a plan to blockade the Southern coast and capture ports along the Mississippi River in order to choke off Confederate supply lines from Europe as well as from the western reaches of the Confederacy.

By what name was General Scott's strategy known?

the Anaconda Plan

What is related to General Scott's Anaconda Plan?

Mississippi river