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It was a girl and her name was Dorothea Dix

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Q: Who was the head nurse in the Union Army?
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Was Harriet Tubman a nurse in the union army?

yes she was a nurse for the union army for a few years

What role did Mary ann bickerdyke?

== == Mary was a nurse in the Civil war for the Union Army

What was Harriet Tubmans a nurse?

Harriet Tubman was a nurse for the Union Army during the U.S. Civil war.

Who was a railroad conductor and a nurse and a spy for the union army?

Harriet Tubman

Who served the union Army as a nurse scout and spy?

balls balls balls

Head of Union Army nurses?

Dorthea Dix. :)

What work did Tubman do for the union army during the civil war?

She was a nurse,a cook, and a spy

Who was the head nurse during the civil war?

For the union side it was Dorothea Dix

Who was the head of the union army at fort sumpter?

Major Anderson

Who did Lincoln appoint head of the union army?

General Grant

What did Dorothea Dix believe in?

Head of the Union Army Nurse Corps during the Civil War, she was an activist for indigent (poor) people that were mentally ill, and helped create the first of the mental asylums in the US.

What jobs did Harriet Tubman perform for the union army during the civil war?

She served the U.S army in south Carolina as a nurse, scout, spy, and soldier.