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Q: Who was the organizer of the communist movement in Vietnam after World War 2?
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Why would a communist nation like Vietnam decide to invite investment by capitalist nations?

Because the US is the richest nation in the world.

What is domino affect?

The domino Effect is a phenomenon where a chain of consequences is created by a single event. As in a line of dominos, where 1 domino is struck, others fall as a consequence of the original action. As it pertains to the Vietnam war, the domino effect was the theory that the US government used to justify its intervention in Vietnam. The position of the pro-war, anti-communist advisers in the government was that if Vietnam was allowed to "fall" to communism, this would set off a 'domino effect' whereby first neighboring countries such as Laos, Cambodia and Thailand would fall into communist revolution, and by extension countries further afield would be overtaken as the global communist revolutionary movement gained momentum. According to this line of thinking, to stop communism in Vietnam was to stop the world from falling into communist control. This theory is disproved, as we know Communist North Vietnam defeated US forces, but this did not result in a domino effect of neighboring countries becoming communist.

What are problems that led to the Vietnam War?

The "Cold War" was a battle against communism. North Vietnam was a communist country trying to take over South Vietnam which was NOT a communist country. The US was helping South Vietnam fight North Vietnam so that communist North Vietnam could NOT take it over.

The leader of the nationalist movement in Vietnam since world war 1 was?

Ho Chi Minh.

The leader of the nationalist independence movement in Vietnam before World War 2 was who?

Ho Chi Minh

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What is an example of a communist movement?

Communist Party of China leads the United Front, Progressive Party of Working People, Communist Party of Cuba, Lao People's Revolutionary Party, Communist party of Nepal, Korean Workers party, Communist party of Vietnam

Is Vietnam worse off because the North Vietnamese won?

Vietnam is part of the communist world.

What is current political situation in Vietnam?

Vietnam is currently ruled by the Communist government led by President Nguyen Minh Triet.

What parties fought in the Vietnam war?

Communist vs Free World.

Cause and Effect for Vietnam and Korean war?

1. Cause-Communist aggression 2. Effect-Free world victory for Korea/Communist victory for Communists in Vietnam

Who was the prominent organizer in the women's labor movement?

Mary Harris Jones was a prominent organizer in the women's labor movement. She was a co-founder of Industrial Workers of the World.

What happened since independence in Vietnam?

Vietnam belongs to the communist side of the world now.

War in the Cold War?

Korea and Vietnam were the only HOT Battles of the cold war; a war between the communist world and the free world.

What was Marxist during World War 2?

The World Socialist Movement.

Was World War 1 World War 2 and the Vietnam conflicts an example of hot wars involving American troops?

WWI and WWII was the good example of the hot war. Vietnam war was the cold war. America supported South Vietnam (democratic part of of Vietnam) While other communist country such as Russia, China support North Vietnam which was communist part. At that time there was a fight between democracy and communist which was called cold war

What happend to the US and Vietnam after the Vietnam war?

The US returned to it's normal way of life, and back to the world of the "cold war." Vietnam became ONE country, and joined the ranks of the Communist World.

What are the effects of the conflict on the world in the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam War demonstrated to the world, that the US would make a stand against communist aggression. The loss of South Vietnam was a temporary blow to US morale.