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Q: Who was the spy how informed confederate generals of the union army movement in the shenandoath valley?
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Was Louisa May Alcott a confederate?

No. She was a strong supporter of the abolitionist movement.

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The confederates farthest movement into the north?

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. A memorial marks the spot: 'Confederate High Watermark'.

What has the author Roland Kopp written?

Roland Kopp has written: 'Paul von Hase' -- subject(s): Anti-Nazi movement, Assassination attempt, 1944 (July 20), Biography, Generals

What were the results of the Confederate victory in the Battle of Richmond Kentucky?

With Confederate General Kirby Smith located near Cincinnati, Ohio The city was in a panic. Businesses were closed and citizens helped build fortifications. The Union feared a Kentucky pro-Confederate movement among certain citizens so Union General Lew Wallace took command of Cincinnati and proclaimed martial law.

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How did the zapatista guerilla movement affect mexico?

On April 10, 1919 Zapata was tricked into a meeting with one of Carranza's generals who wanted to "switch sides." The meeting as a trap, and Zapata was killed as he arrived at the meeting.

How did shermans policy of total war hasten the ens of the civil war?

It deprived the Confederate armies of food, and interrupted rail movement by troops and civilians. It also devastated morale.

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How did water impact the civil war?

The Mississippi, the Tennessee and the Cumberland were all important highways for the movement of troops and supplies. When Grant had liberated these three rivers, it spelt the end of Confederate hopes in the West.

Why was Maryland loyalty to the union so important?

Because it was a slave-state that had pro-Confederate leaders, and could easily have seceded. Also it was on the route between New York and Washington, and could have interrupted the movement of troops and supplies between the two centres.

What did Confederate General Robert E Lee believe about the peace movement among the Union's public?

General Robert E. Lee was certain that the Northern peace movement was not strong enough to help end the war. Unless the South could create the threat of a Southern attack, the peace movement could not gain the necessary traction required to force the North into peace talks.