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Q who was the victor of the Vietnam War?

A I have no idea who won the Vietnam war!!!!

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Q: Who was the victor of the Vietnam war?
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What was the treaty that ended the Vietnam war?

The victor writes the rules. Conquerors need no treaties. North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam (defeated South Vietnam)...there was no treaty.

Did President Nixon promised over 3 billion in economic aid to North Vietnam after the war?

Well, for one thing, North Vietnam no longer existed after the war. There was only "a Vietnam." Secondly, the former "North" Vietnam was the victor during the war...and the victor seldom needs economic aid. And third, the victor was a communist enemy during the cold war...the Commander in Chief, President Nixon, in all probability wouldn't have aided and abetted the enemy.

Which side lost the Civil War?

In both the Vietnam & US Civil War the south was the loser & the north was the victor.

Was the Vietnam war in Pennsylvania?

No, the Vietnam War was in Vietnam

When did Vietnam leave the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam War ended in 1975.

Did the United states win the war with Vietnam?

With North Vietnam (not Vietnam; Vietnam was created after the war). No, the US did not win the war.

How much money did Vietnam spend on the war?

See: Vietnam War & Statistics about the Vietnam War

Where did they fight the Vietnam war?

Air war-North Vietnam Ground war-South Vietnam

Who won the Vietnam war between US and Vietnam?

the war between Vietnam and the USA the winner was Vietnam

Define a Vietnam War Officer?

A military officer that fought in the Vietnam War. A Vietnam War soldier would be a "soldier that fought in the Vietnam War.

What are major characteristics of the Vietnam war?

Air war over North Vietnam. Ground war in South Vietnam; Riverine war in South Vietnam.

Who lived in Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

The Vietnamese lived in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

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