Who were 633 squadron?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The 633 Squadron is a fictional RAF Mosquito Squadron of WW II. It exist only in the movie.

This is not true. The name 633 Squadron became known through a novel and subsequent movie, both of course fictional. There was and still is however a real 633 Squadron formed in 1948. It is a voluntary RAF Squadron for the flight training of young Air Training Corps cadets. I used to be an instructor with this squadron.

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Q: Who were 633 squadron?
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What was 633 squadron famous for?

The British RAF 633 Squadron was the title and subject of a Movie starring Cliff Robertson. But I don't think you will find any historical information on this unit as it seems to be fictious. A story made for Hollywood.

Trying to find a movie about the British Mosquitoe Fighter unit named the 663rd Squadron of World War 2?

The movie is literally called 633 Squadron.

Where were the 633squadron based?

RAF 633 Squadron never existed during WWII. The number is fictional and was used in the film only. The film was shot with Bovingdon as its base.

The plot of the 1964 film' 633 squadron ' was set during which war?

World War II- RAF ( British) beware. a very sordid plot- and a Custer Brigade of the Air type of ending!

What are the release dates for 633 Squadron - 1964?

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