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The Dam Busters' Squadron was no. 617.

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Q: What was the squadron number of the Dam-busters?
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What is the nickname of squadron 617?

617 Squadron of the Royal Air Force is better known as the "Dambusters" squadron

What Royal Air Force squadron became known as the Dambusters?

Number 617 Squadron RAF became commonly known as the Dambusters. This is due to their actions during Operation Chastise against German dams during World War II.

What did sir Leonard chesire do in the raf?

he was a part of the 617 squadron, the "Dambusters", but he did not go busting: that was before he joined them. read " The Dam Busters" by Paul Brickhill. It's a good book and he (Chesire) is in the book lots

WHO was involved in the dambusters raid?

617 Squadron RAF, commanded by Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC DFC DSO (and Bar). There were 19 aircraft, flown by a mixture of aircrew from around the Commonwealth. Of the 19 aircraft, 8 were lost, along with 57 aircrew. The Squadron still exists in the RAF today, currently flying Tornado GR4.

What type of airplane did douglas badder fly on the dambusters raid?

Lancasters were flown in the famous bombing of the Ruhr Dams, presuming that's what you mean. 617 Squadron, known after that as the Dam Busters, did perform subsequent missions on other targets, however.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Dambusters Raid - 2001?

The cast of The Dambusters Raid - 2001 includes: Guy Gibson as himself

What year were the dambusters built?


What are the release dates for History's Raiders The Dambusters - 2001 TV?

History's Raiders The Dambusters - 2001 TV was released on: USA: 2001

What actors and actresses appeared in Dambusters Declassified - 2010?

The cast of Dambusters Declassified - 2010 includes: Martin Shaw as Himself - Presenter

What is the phone number of the National Capitol Squadron in Brandy Station Virginia?

The phone number of the National Capitol Squadron is: 540-727-0018.

How many navy vessels in a squadron of submarines?

During the Cold War, the count was around 12, including the Squadron's Submarine Tender and any rescue vessels assigned to the Squadron. With the decreasing fleet size, that number is around 5-8, depending on where the squadron is.

What movie starts with the number 6?

6 Angels678633 Squadron