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Sigmund and Frieda Jurman were her parents

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Q: Who were Alicia Appleman-jurman parents?
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Where does Alicia keys come from?

Alicia is from is from England but her parents are from France

Are Alicia morton's parents alive?

Yes, as of my last available information, both of Alicia Morton's parents are alive.

Is Alicia Keys' father alive?

Alicia Keys' parents are not dead.

Who inspired Alicia Keys?

her parents

Is Alicia Witt married?

No. She was raised a catholic by her parents, however Alicia has announced she is semi-atheist and semi-spiritual.

Is Alicia Keys daughter missing?

no she is with her foster parents in Maryland

Does bobby get caught in things not seen?

No,he tells Alicia about his situation. Alicia ends up telling her parents. He does not get caught by anyone else.

What are alicia's parents names in things not seen?

dr and mrs Van Dorn

Which charities did Alicia Keys do?

she talk to people that lose there parents to aids in lots more!:)

Did Alicia Keys have any parents?

Alicia keys mom's name is Teresa "Terria" Augello. I am not sure what her father's name is because I believe that he walked out on her when she was little and it does not say his name. But I know that her mother's name is Teresa "Terria" Augello because she raised Alicia all by herself.Alicia keyys parents are divorced

Is Alicia an atheist?

Her Parents were raising her Christian but then by the time she became famous she became semi-atheist.

Why does bobby have to tell Alicia's parents about his condition in the book things not seen?

Bobby has to tell Alicia's parents about his condition in the book "Things Not Seen" because they are Alicia's caregivers, and his safety and well-being are their responsibility. By informing them about his invisibility, Bobby is being upfront and seeking their help in understanding and managing his unique predicament. It also helps to build trust and open communication between them.