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US; Britain; Canada; Australia; New Zealand; South Africa; India; Burma; Kenya; Rhodesia; Norway; France; Belgium; Holland; Poland; Russia;.....

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Q: Who were the Allies in the II world war?
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Who one the war axis or allies?

Allies in World War II

Was the Netherlands part of the Allies or the Axis during World War 2?

The Netherlands were Allies in World War II.

What were the 2 powers of World War II?

Axis and Allies

What can you spell with the letters AEILLS?

The anagram is "allies" (capitalized Allies for the World War II coalition of countries).

What term stands for World War II allies and axis powers?


What side was the USSR on in World War II?

The USSR was with the Allies - they were against the Germans

Official name of the Alliance between Germany and its allies?

World War I - the Triple Alliance. World War II - the Axis.

What happened with the Nazis in 1941?

This timeline for the events that occurred with the Nazis and the Allies came from Wikipedia under the heading of World War 2. You can click on each month to get full details for each month of 1941.timeline of events that stretched over the period ofworld-war-ii.Contents[hide]timeline-of-world-war-ii-1941timeline-of-world-war-ii-1941timeline-of-world-war-ii-1941timeline-of-world-war-ii-1941timeline-of-world-war-ii-1941timeline-of-world-war-ii-1941timeline-of-world-war-ii-1941timeline-of-world-war-ii-1941timeline-of-world-war-ii-1941timeline-of-world-war-ii-1941timeline-of-world-war-ii-1941timeline-of-world-war-ii-1941timeline-of-world-war-ii-1941timeline-of-world-war-ii-1941

Which side did you fight on during world war II allies or axis?

I didn't fight at all, which side did you fight on.

Who became allies of Germany in World War II?

Most significantly, Japan and Italy.

How did the World II ended why British lost?

The Allies (and Britain) won World War II, Germany and the other Axis powers lost

What are the causes of the Atlantic Charter?

The Atlantic Charter was a policy that declared the Allies goals for the world once World War II was over. It was World War II itself that caused the creation of this statement.