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Germany, Japan, Italy for the most part

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Q: Who were the US opponents in World War two?
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Us opponents in the Spanish American War?


Who was the opponents in the Spanish-American War?

Spain and the US.

Who were the US opponents during the Spanish-American War?


Opponents of the US during the Spanish American War?


Who was the US opponents in the Spanish American War?

Spain was the other belligerent.

Who were the US opponents in the Cold War?

USSR aka the sovet union

Why were the us and the Soviet Union opponents?

The US and the Soviet Union were opponents during the Cold War period of 1945-1990, because they had different ideologies and objectives for the world. The US wanted a world based on the free market, democracy, and independent nations, while the USSR was trying to bring about a world of a command economy, dictatorship, and control of all nations by the USSR.

Which two countries fought in the two infamous wars World War 1 and World War 2?

the two counties that went to war were Germany and the US.

What war did the US drop the atomic bomb?

That was World War Two.

How did World War 2 to effect the US?

we ate poopsicles for months after world war two

Who was the leader of US in World War Two?


What was the war both Lee and Grant were in?

Generals Lee and Grant were each in the Mexican War as US officers. Later they both were in the US Civil War as opponents.