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there were two generals, robert anderson for the union and pgt beareguard for the confederate

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Q: Who were the generals at Fort Sumter in the American Civil War?
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Was Fort Sumter a battle?

There was a battle for Fort Sumter in the American Civil War.

Fort Sumter is the harbor of what city?

Fort Sumter is in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina. Fort Sumter is the original location of the beginning of The American Civil War.

When was the American Civil War battle?

after the battel at fort sumter

What began with the attack on fort Sumter?

The American civil war.

Who is some Famous generals for fort Sumter on the union side?

No Generals. Just a Major (Anderson) commanding the garrison on the island of Fort Sumter.

What was fort Sumter-?

Fort Sumter is located in Charleston Harbor in South Carolina and is a Third System masonry sea fort. The bombardment and surrender of Fort Sumter started the American Civil War.

The civil war began with an attack on which fort?

The American Civil War began with an attack on Fort Sumter, SC.

When did the first battle of the Civil War start?

The first battle of the American civil war was Fort Sumter. Fort Sumter started on April 12,1861. Fort Sumter is in Charleston, South Carolina. Matt Lucci. Philadelphia.

Why was the battle of fort Sumter significant?

The Battle of Fort Sumter (April 12, 1861) was the first engagement of the American Civil War.

What started in 1861 with an attack on Fort Sumter?

The American Civil War

What is fort sumter?

Fort Sumter is a sea fort in Charleston, South Carolina. It was the site of the first battle in the American Civil War. It's now in Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Historical Park.

When did the Fort Sumter battle take place?

The battle of Fort Sumter occurred during the American Civil War April 12, 1861 .

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