Who were the partisans?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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fighters in an irregular military groups participating in the Jewish resistance.

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They support a cause or political party.

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Q: Who were the partisans?
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What was the purpose of the black hand?

The purpose of the Black Hand group in WW1 was to recruit and train partisans for a possible war between Serbia and Austria.

What did Bosnia and Herzegovina do during world war 2?

Bosnia & Herzegovina were two City-States located in Yugoslavia. The country was fractured by two main groups: the Pro-Nazi Chetniks & the Yugoslavian partisans, led by Josip Broz Tito who later became head of the Yugoslavian government.

When did the last remaining polish forces surrender in World War 2?

Poland never surrendered in the World War II. Its government was evacuated to Great Britain and remained there until the end of the war. Most of the Polish military forces eventually capitulated or were annihilated, but no act of surrender was ever signed. Poles kept fighting Germany till 1945, either as partisans in their occupied country, or as Polish units in the service of the Allies.

What side were Ukraine on in world war 2?

When Ukraine was invaded by the nazis they originally collaborated with them because they thought of them as liberators from the ussr but eventually they became oppressive and when the Russians invaded ukraine, the Ukrainians thought them as liberators , so to conclude it They helped the axis side as auxiliary police and ss units but there was also the Ukrainian insurgent army which hated the soviets , nazis, polish partisans, they just wanted to defend Ukraine and make it independent though most axis collaboration there was also resistance movement.

Can you give me Examples of Sabotage in World War 2?

Sabotage occurred behind all of the major fronts of World War II. For example, in France, in the months preceding D-Day (in June of 1944), French saboteurs blew up bridges and rail lines in the attempt to handicap German forces. On the Eastern front, especially from 1942 to 1944, sabotage by Soviet partisans included bridge- and railway-damage as well as carefully planned ambushes of German patrol units and construction or engineering crews.

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Shi'ites believe that they are partisans of?

they are partisans or shiah of Ali .

When was Partisans - novel - created?

Partisans - novel - was created in 1982.

When was Chant des Partisans created?

Chant des Partisans was created in 1943.

Who murdered Mussolini?

Italian partisans

Sentence with partisan?

There are many partisans in the world.

What actors and actresses appeared in Partisans of Vilna - 1986?

The cast of Partisans of Vilna - 1986 includes: Abba Kovner as himself Roberta Wallach as Narrator

What does the phrase clubs bills and partisans mean?

The phrase "clubs, bills, and partisans" is often used to refer to weapons used in historical combat, specifically referring to blunt weapons like clubs, polearms like bills, and handheld spears like partisans.

What is the name for french people who resisted Nazis?


What actors and actresses appeared in Include Me Out of the Partisans Manifesto - 2012?

The cast of Include Me Out of the Partisans Manifesto - 2012 includes: Joanne Crawford as Sally Brendan McCormack as Tony

What are some examples of how the partisans fought the Nazis?

Some ways in which partisans fought the Nazis were by trying to sabotage their intelligence gathering. They also used to get rid of their stocks of weaponry and ammunition.

What are the release dates for Partisans of Vilna - 1986?

Partisans of Vilna - 1986 was released on: Canada: 7 September 1986 (Toronto Film Festival) USA: 12 September 1986

Why did the partisans kill Benito Mussolini?

During the war, the partisans were fighting against the Germans who were occupying their country and the Italian Fascists who fought with the Germans. Mussolini had been kept as a puppet-leader of these Italians. The Partisans fought against their own people to stop the war. The Italian partisans were composed of many different types and beliefs of people. There were Catholic partisans, Communist partisans and others. In order to be stronger, they had to band together and formed "committees" to run their organization. It was the Communist leaders of the partisans who wanted to kill Mussolini as they opposed the Fascists and their beliefs. The committee had to go along with this as the Communist were a majority. Most people and the Catholic Church(the Vatican) feared the take-over by Communists more than they did Mussolini's Fascists or the Germans. The Communist partisan leaders heard that Mussolini and many of his Fascists had been captured. They demanded and were allowed to take Mussolini and 15 Fascists for their execution.