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They were nicknamed The Bonus Army

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Q: Who were the veterans who marched on Washington in support of the veterans' bonus bill were nicknamed the army?
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Were the Vietnam vets recognized for their contribution in the war?

Yes, there a number of Vietnam veterans that are still alive today. There also associations that support these veterans.

Why did Veterans support the Vietnam war?

RSL believed that because the previous generation had fought in war so then the current generation had responsibilities to fight in it to. the actions taken by they for others to notice that they supported the war was when they had decided to support the government.

Is the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation Real or Fake?

My name is Hallie Powell and I am the Executive Director of the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation. We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The work we do for thousands of Veterans is not offered by other organizations and is necessary to help many of those in need get through tough times. We are often the only organization that responds to emails of desperation. If we don't help, people would suffer. Whether it is donating blankets to the homeless, giving money to a starving Veteran who lives out of his car, or paying for car repairs to help a group of Veterans get to the grocery store and doctor appointments, if there is a need, we help in whatever way we can. As a small nonprofit, we must rely on telephone fundraisers as one avenue of donation in order to help Veterans and their families who are in need. Unfortunately for us, telephone fundraising is very expensive, as it is run by for-profit fundraising companies. However, this is the only way we are able to help so many in our current capacity. We utilize all available resources to get the job done. Since 2014, we have made it a goal to expand to other methods of fundraising and increase the percentages we can give directly to Veterans. We added PayPal to our website, began applying to grant opportunities, and contacted corporate donors. Should you donate through PayPal or directly to the address listed on our website, we do not have to pay the high fees associated with telephone fundraising. These other methods of donating will help our program percentages in the future. Addendum: A quick web search shows that this is the lowest ranking charity helping Vietnam veterans. According to Charity Navigator, only about 8.3% of their revenue goes to programs. It seems that nearly any charity that uses Community Support, Inc. (CSI) as its fundraiser has bad statistics. The CEO, J. Thomas Burch, allegedly sped away in a Rolls Royce when confronted by CNN.

When the soldiers got home what did they usually do?

When soldiers returned home, they often focused on reintegrating into civilian life. This could involve finding employment, reconnecting with family and friends, and adjusting to the routines of everyday life. Many veterans also sought support and resources to address physical and mental health challenges resulting from their military service.

What concerns did George Washington have about French troop support in the American Revolutionary War?

As the American Revolutionary War progressed, George Washington had too concerns about troop help from France. His first concern was that France would not send enough troops to help the Americans. His other concern was ironical. He was concerned that France would send so many troops over to America, that France might be tempted to replace the British as "rulers" of the Americans.

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How can you honor your war veterans?

Support the troops today.

How are veterans honored around the world?

Veterans are honored in many ways. They have monuments and museums, school performances, holidays, and they have the Cave of the Unknown in Washington DC. It has soldiers that they found but couldn't identify. Hope I helped!!! :) They should have free health system accessibility and stabil support from the state. Thanx for the sacrifice!

What political party did veterans of the Union civil war support?


Where is the United States Army Veterans Support Command in Westminster California located?

The address of the United States Army Veterans Support Command is: 10282 Parkview Avenue, Westminster, CA 92683-5782

What what did John Hancock do in the American revolution?

Hancock helped support the people who wanted to declare their independance from Britain. He was a rich man, and gave a lot of money to Washington's army so they would not starve or run around naked. Many don't realize that a large portion of Washington's army had no shoes, yet they marched for miles and miles.

Is veterans affairs disability used for child support in New York?


What is the best way to show support on veterans day?

fly the american flag

What services does the US Department of Veterans Affairs provide?

The Department of Veterans affairs offers many services to military veterans. The Department of veterans affairs offers medical and mental health care for veterans, as well as financial and educational assistance. The Department of veterans affairs gives veterans continued support. For a full listing of what the department of veterans affairs is doing for veterans visit their official site.

How did Hamilton win the support of the South?

He won support by establishing Washington D.C.

Do Veterans Administration support the American Veteran Aid?

yes they do and they have staff that facilitate their demands.

How can I donate my car to support the veterans ?

you can donate by caling 1-800-324-7172

What led Washington to support Jay's treaty?

The danger of war with Britain, led Washington to support Jay's Treaty.