Who won the Bosnian war?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The outcome of the Bosnian war was seen in various aspects. There was a military stalemate, there more than 100,000 people killed and so many other casualties of the Bosniak ethnicity among others.

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the victory of the bosnian war can be debated but many p-eople say the bosnian Muslim were victorious

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Q: Who won the Bosnian war?
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When did the Bosnian War commence?

The Bosnian War commenced in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is in Europe and has a population of 4,621 598 people.The Bosnian War commenced in 1991 and lasted 4 years.

Who won yugoslavian war?

In Battle of Kosovo there was no winer of battle but Turks won the war against Serbian weak empire...Reason why Turks won was because they were disciplin army and modernized for that time, and Serbian noblema and rulers with church was selfish and didn't united on time...

Was niko in the bosnian war?

No. He was in the Serbian War.

Which religions were involved in the Bosnian war?

There were lots of Muslims for Bosnian and Christians for Serbs

Where did the Bosnian genocide take place?

The Bosnian genocide took place in Bosnia.

Is the bosnian war over?


Are the Bosnian war and Sarajevo war the same war?

Yes, because the Seize of Sarajevo was a part of the Bosnian War. The Bosnia War was apart of the Yugoslav Wars. So, Sarajevo is a place of war in the Bosnia War.

Who were the aggressors in the war that discussed in zlata's diary?

The aggressors in the war discussed in Zlata's diary were primarily the Bosnian Serb forces who were fighting against the Bosnian government and Bosniak civilians during the Bosnian War in the 1990s. The conflict was complex and involved various parties, but the Bosnian Serb forces played a significant role in the violence and aggression described in Zlata's diary.

What made the outbreak of war more likely the Bosnian or Moroccan crisis?

Definitely the Bosnian crisis. :) it is a vigina :)

Was there any resistance in the bosnian war?


Where did the bosnian war occur?

Collapse of the USSR in 1990.

What year did the Bosnian war take place?