Who won the War of Attrition?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The " War of Attrition" is not a war that can be won by either side. The War of Attrition is a battle strategy in which the side on the offensive, launches several non-stop advances in hopes of wearing down the enemy (causing fatigue, running out of ammo, men or supplies etc.)

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Q: Who won the War of Attrition?
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Situation where each side in a war tries to wear down the other by constant attacks?

war of attrition

What sentence can you make with the word attrition?

It was a war of attrition.

When was War of Attrition - album - created?

War of Attrition - album - was created on 2007-03-06.

What is The war of attrition's relation to ww1?

A war of attrition, in general, is a war with high casualities but little territorial gain. The most famous war of attrition is the conflict on the Western Front in France during World War I.

If the cold war was not actually a war then what was it?

It was attritional or a 'War of Attrition' .

What are the main reasons the North won in the civil war besides the ex slaves joining with them?

In the end, it became a war of attrition, and the South just didn't have the manpower to replace battlefield casualties.

What is the war called when a country go all out?

War of total attrition

What is the definition of War of Attrition?

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Why was war of attrition important?

World War II was called the War of Attrition because by its definition it required that it was fought defensively meaning not fought on American soil. This means that there was little damage to the US.

What is attrition of war in the US Civil War?

The term in military science is "War of Attrition". A war of attrition occurs when neither side has the strength or competency to defeat the other quickly and decisively in what is known as a "coup de main" Both sides fight it out over a period of time taking losses and using material. In a war of attrition the side with the most manpower and weapons wins but with losses equal to or greater then the weaker side. This is true of the American Civil War in general and the Seige of Petersburg in particular.

What is the definition of attrition?

Attrition is a process of using up current supplies before buying new ones. A war of attrition is when an army has to fight with the men and supplies it has at hand until it runs out. If one nation has more than the other, the outcome of the war will be in his favor.

What strategies did the North use to help them in the Civil War?