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Modular ammunition

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Q: Who works in the Sustainment Brigade in support of the Corps or Division?
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What US military units are currently deployed in Afghanistan?

There are currently 9,000 US soldiers who are deployed to Afghanistan. They include a division headquarters unit, a combat aviation brigade unit, a corps headquarters unit and three brigade combat teams.

How many American troops were gathered for Operation Olympic at Kyushu on Novemeber 1 1945?

The order of battle of invasion troops for OLYMPIC/MAJESTIC were 14 Divisions: 10 Army Infantry, 1 Airborne and 3 USMC equal 450,000 combat and support troops staged at Okinawa.United States U.S. Sixth Army Yakushima and Koshikijima Islands - 40th Infantry Division (22,000 men)Tanegashima - 158th Infantry Regiment (7,600 men)Miyazaki - U.S. I Corps (95,000 men): 25th Infantry Division, 33d Infantry Division, 41st Infantry DivisionAriake - U.S. XI Corps (113,000 men): 1st Cavalry Division, 43d Infantry Division, Americal Division, 112th Cavalry RegimentKushikino - U.S. V Amphib Corps (99,000 men): 2nd Marine Div., 3d Marine Division, 5th Marine Division6th Army reserves - U.S. IX Corps (79,000 men): 77th Infantry Division, 81st Infantry Division, 98th Infantry Division;11th Airborne Division (15,000 men)

What were the different types of army units such as regiments during the civil war?

Answer The major unit on the field of battle was an ARMY. This was divided into CORPS, usually 2 or 3. Each Corps consisted of 2 DIVISIONS. The Division was divided into 2 BRIGADES, which was the primary unit that maneuvered on the battle field. A Brigade consisted of 4 to 6 Infantry Regiments and a battery of Artillery. Cavalry was organized into Brigade but were usually assigned as Regiments to support an infantry Brigade. Originally, the infantry Regiment was about 1000 men in 10 COMPANIES. A Company was the basic unit that a soldier identified with. The Company was commanded by a Captain, whereas the Regiment was commanded by a Colonel. The Brigade was usually commanded by a General and this may be the origin of the rank "Brigadier General". As the war progressed, the regiments became smaller and it was not unusual to find less than 200 men in a Confederate Regiment. Some regiments became so decimated, that they merged or combined, thus the name 29th/30th Mississippi Regiment. Example of an Army Organization: Army of Mississippi (CSA) at Battle of Shiloh:

A number of soldiers?

A squad of about 13 men, a platoon of abiut 40 men, a company of about 200 men, a battalion of about 1.000 men, a regiment or brigade of three or more battalions, a division of three or more regiments, a corps of three or more divisions and an army of three or more Corps. Battalions of Artillery are divided up into Batteries. Batteries are divided up into Gun Crews.

What happened at Little Round Top?

During the second day of the battle, Gen. G.K. Warren, commander of the Engineers Corps of the Army of Potomac, who was carrying a reconnaissance, found the key position of Little Round Top undefended and immediately disposed that two brigade and one battery of the Fifth Corps had to be deployed there. The order was fulfilled just in time, because the position was after a very short while attacked by Hood's Division. After a bitter struggle the Federal units succeeded in repulsing the Confederates and the Little Round Top remained in Union hands.

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Who works in sustainment brigade in support of the corps or division?

Modular ammunition

Who works in the sustain brigade in support of the corps or division?

Modular ammunition

What are synonyms for brigade?

corps, company, force, unit, division, troop, squad, team

What the collective nouns of large body toops?

All depends what you mean by a large body of troops, could be a division, regiment, corps or a brigade

What were the divisions from the state of Michigan that fought in the Civil War?

There were no divisions from Michigan, they were regiments. A division is made from several brigades and a brigade is made from 4-5 regiments. A brigade had many differant states in it. Example is 24th Mich, 2nd Wisconsin, 6th Wisc., 7th Wisc., 19th Indiana made up the 1st brigade(Iron brigade) of the first division of the first corps.

Is there a such thing as us army airborne infantry?

Yes, there is. There's a whole Airborne division (82nd), there's an Airborne brigade (173rd Airborne Brigade), and each division and corps will have a Long Range Surveillance Detachment (LRS-D), composed of infantrymen and subordinate to the military intelligence unit or command.

What are the rank of leaders of the citizenship advancement training?

In the Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT) program, the leader ranks are typically organized as follows: 1. Company Commander, 2. First Sergeant, 3. Platoon Leader, 4. Squad Leader. These leaders are responsible for guiding and managing the cadets during the training.

What are the names of Normandys beaches?

The 5 beaches landed on by the allies on June 6th 1944 were codenamed :-Utah - US 4th Infantry Division.Omaha - US 29th Infantry Division and elements of US Army Rangers.Gold - British 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division and British 8th Armoured BrigadeJuno - Canadian 3rd Infantry Division. (Part of British 1 Corps)Sword - British 3rd Armoured Division, 1st Special Service Brigade, Free French Commandos, 27th Independent Armoured Brigade, 4th Special Service Brigade and elements of the 79th Armoured Division.

What military division stormed the beaches of Normandy?

The British-Commanded Assaults:6th Airborne Division (British)1st Special Service Brigade (British)4th Special Service Brigade (British)I Corps (British)3rd Infantry Division (British)27th Armoured Brigade (British)#3, #4, #6, #45 and #47 Commando Groups (British)3rd Infantry Division (Canadian)2nd Armoured Brigade (Canadian)XXX Corps (British)50th Infantry Division (British)8th Armoured Brigade (British)79th Armoured Division (British & Canadian mix)2nd Army Division (Australia)Royal Air Force (British)Royal Canadian Air Force (Canadian)Royal Navy (British)Royal Australian Air Force (Australian)XV Air Squadron (British and Australian joint force)The American-Commanded Assaults:V Corps (American)1st Infantry Division (American)29th Infantry Division (American)2nd and 5th Rangers (American)VII Corps (American)4th Infantry Division (American)359th Regimental Combat Team (American)90th Infantry Division (American)101st Airborne Division (American)82nd Airborne Division (American)United States Air Force (American)United States Navy (American)Other:French Resistance ArmySeveral Polish Legion troops alongside the French Resistance ArmySeveral Norwegian troops alongside both British and American AssaultsSeveral New Zealand troops alongside British AssaultsSeveral Netherlands/Dutch troops alongside British AssaultsSeveral Belgian troops alongside British Assaults

What is the lowest level of Army command at the operational level of war?

Brigade is the lowest field command level.

Who were the top Confederate generals at the Battle of Gettysburg?

Robert E. Lee was the General leading the Confederate Army at Gettysburg. Under Robert Lee was Lt. Gen. James Longstreet of the First Army Corps. Under him was Maj. Gen. Lafayette McLaws, he commanded McLaws' Division. Brigade Commanders: Kershaw Brigade J.B. Kershaw Barsdale's Brigade William Barksdale Semmes' Brigade P. J. Semmes Wofford's Brigade W.T. Wofford Artillery Col. H.C. Cabell Pickett's Division comes next. Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett Commanding. Garnett's Brigade R. B. Garnett Kemper's Brigade J.L. Kemper Armistead's Brigade L.A. Armistead Artillery Maj. James Dearing Hood's Division Maj. Gen. John B. Hood Law's Brigade E. M. Law Robertson's Brigade J. B. Robertson Anderson's Brigade George t. Anderson Benning's Brigade Henry L. Benning Artillery Maj. M. W. Henry Artillery Reserve Col. J. B. Walton Alexander's Battalion Col. E. P. Alexander Washington (Louisiana) Artillery Maj. B. F. Eshleman

How many soldiers in a military unit?

Military units range in size from a Fire Team to an Army, from hundreds to thousands of men. Army Corps Division Regiment Brigade Battalion Company Platoon Squad Fire Team