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Q: Whose opinion was that the Civil War was a rebellion of individuals?
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Whose rebellion opened up more land for settlements?

Bacon's Rebellion

Whose rebellion eventually opened more land for settlement?

Bacon's Rebellion

Who is an opinion leader?

individuals whose ideas and behavior serve as a model to others...........

Who was the slave whose violent rebellion led many states to strengthen their slave codes?

Nat Turner was the slave whose violent rebellion in Virginia in 1831 led to many Southern states tightening their slave codes in order to prevent future uprisings. Turner's rebellion resulted in the deaths of around 60 white people and hundreds of Black people, and it led to increased restrictions on enslaved individuals and free Black people throughout the South.

Whose slogan destroy the foreigner?

Boxer rebbelion

Was the Nat Turner rebellion justified?

If you were a white American whose family was killed by Nat's rebellion, no, it wouldn't be seen as right at all.However, if you were a slave whose family's freedom was nonexistent and had to endure atrocities against you, then the rebellion was seen as right and necessary.In modern times, though there are some who still try to swing either way, it really isn't that simple to say it was right or wrong as it is to say it was inevitable because of events and actions leading up to it.

Whose group lead the rebellion to end the Qing Dynasty?

Sun Yat-sen

Whose job is to conduct regular opinion polls?


Whose opinion does the declaration of Independence say it is adressed to?

the colonists

Why are there books in the Bible named after individuals?

In most cases they are the individuals that wrote the books or whose doings were recorded there.

Whose rebellion eventually opened up more land for settlement?

Bacon's rebellions. let me guess 8th grade mid term chapter 2

What happens to individuals whose characteristics are not well suited to environment?

According to natural selection the individuals can be rare from the enviroment