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Q: Whose job is to conduct regular opinion polls?
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Which statement about opinion polls is most accurate?

opinion polls have been around longer than social media opinion polls can influence how citizens vote

Which of the following techniques for measuring public opinion requires careful question design?

public opinion polls

What has the author Frank Teer written?

Frank Teer has written: 'Political opinion polls' -- subject(s): Public opinion, Public opinion polls

How do you know what opinion people have?


What are the three main components of public opinion?

Straw Polls, Trading Polls, and Push Polls.

How can you find out people's opinions on how effective a politician is?

Conduct a survey

Do the polls conduct the elections?

A place for people to vote can be called a polling station, therefore, polls are part of elections. I wouldn't say that they actually conduct elections, however. People do that, not polling stations.

Whose ahead Obama or Romney in polls?


What happens at polls?

People vote, usually on the answer to a question or an opinion.

What are ways in which public opinion is measured in America?

polls and surveys

Where can one locate public opinion polls?

There are many places you can go to locate public opinion polls. There are a lot of databases on the internet that will help you find what you are looking for such as The University of Chicago Library.

How are political polls taken and used?

Straw polls, telephone polls, online polls, tracking polls, exit polls and expert insights are method of taking political polls. Polls are used to gauge the opinion of the public on specific issues or to measure the general political mood.