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"Most states conduct CLOSED primaries, in which participation is limited to voters registered or declared at the polls as members of the party whose primary is being held" (Thomas E. Patterson, "The American Democracy", Textbook 8th ed., p. 227, emphasis added)

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Q: What kind of primaries do most states conduct?
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In most states committee members chosen by?

party primaries

When do most states prefer to hold their primaries?

Most states prefer to hold their primaries between February and June, with March being the most common month. This allows them to have a significant impact on the selection of the party's nominee while avoiding conflicts with major holidays and events. Additionally, some states choose to hold their caucuses instead of primaries, which can have different scheduling preferences.

What four states held their Presidential primaries on Tuesday of this week?

The most noted were: Rhode Island, Vermont, Texas, and Ohio.

How do you determine President primary winners?

I am not sure what you want to know. The primaries are elections and the one with the most votes wins. In most states, people can vote in either primary , but not both.

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Does each state have the ability to choose the type of primary that is conducted to nominate individuals for office?

yes, I'm almost positive. no,some hold caucuses

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What happens to candidates in primaries?

In most states, the winner of a state presidential primary receives all of that state's votes in the first ballot of the national convention. I believe a few states split the ballots proportionately among the candidates.

Which political party still uses a winner-take-all system in the primaries?

The Republican party still utilizes the winner-take-all system in the primaries. After March 15, most Republican primaries are winner-take-all.

The method most used in the United States for choosing delegates to a party convention is the?

Primaries or Primary. Delegates to the national convention are allocated (chosen) on the basis of percentage of votes candidates win in the presidential primary. This system has been used in most of the states.